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                 Billy Uthcott just past Meiners Oaks, home of Krugars Mufflers

Phil begins the show by telling everyone, calmly, he's getting a fire axe and burying it in the equipment. Phil talked with the crew about the ongoing angst of family members around the flight 370. Later Will Garbarini, "oceanagrapher" discussed further search efforts with the panel and Mavis Leonard whio imagined herself being on board. Margaret began feeling bad for the first class passengers who would have been the first to hit the water. RC Collins discussed the military options in the east Ukraine, quoting "Lieutenant Mullings who's our tactics and battle plan instructor" and mentioned the Marines in a famous World War 1 battle that had nothing to do with the topic....Monday we giveaway an iPad a day during our All Access BSP preshow!

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     General Shaw revealed his roots as a kid in some old-time religion church

The show started with an overall discussion of apps and what a waste of money Phil thinks they still are for his show...Next came a ridiculous discussion of horror movies and their dfference from science fiction. Margaret told everyone she used to do looping in cheap sci-fi's by singing "in a spooky way." She went on to talk about the former producer Julia Phillips who she had run into in Malibu while Margaret had "stopped off to buy a bag of Corn Nuts." They then took a call from Frank who talked about Steven Spielberg and "how she tried to rape me on the back end." The panel discussed a former member of Wu Tang Clan (or the "Wu Tang Klang, as Bud called them) who cut off his own penis and then lept from the roof of an aprtment building in North Hollywood..General Shaw revealed that he lost his virginity at 11 "to old widow woman Williams who lived down the lane in Thicket, Iowa." As a child he and his family belonged to the Kristalnacht Church of Iowa. Also Will Garbarini returned to discuss Flight 370...Don't forget Monday is the day during our pre-show we begin giving away an iPad a day...but you have to be an All Access BSP so sign up, dog

Starting Monday morning April 21, during the videocast pre-show between 8:30 and 9am, we'll giveaway an iPad a Day to our All Access BSP's. No, you're not seeing things from too much "spinking." We'll giveaway one iPad a morning during the videocast pre-show to an All Access BSP. It's the roll-up to our month of May Customer Appreciation 

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                Asshole arrested for bomb hoax

The show commenced with Herb Sewell talking about a mental deficient busted for planting a fake bomb at the Boston Marathon memorial. Steve Bosell was summoned to his daughters school to answer for his comments at home at breakfast about a Dutch teenager that tweeted a bomb threat to American Airlines. Alsp Phil announced that beginning Monday we'd be giving away one iPad a Day on the All Access BSP Pre-Show....Will Garbarini, oceanographer, updated us on Flight 370. Also Mr. Garbarini is apparently not a doctor and did time for white slaving and drug dealing. So, he was pretty much bullshit...

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