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According to agent Dexter Havens, part of Michigan, separate from the rest of the state, evolved different species of animal and human. The people there have block-shaped heads and the trees talk

Bobbie Dooley guest hosts and talks to Dexer Havens, Hollywood agent, about the Sony hack. Also featured is Margaret Grey giving her two cents.


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Steve Bosell is stopped by the Jay Leno "Man on the Street" crew, but he can't answer even the simplest question because he's thrown by how "unusual" Jay Leno looks. From December 2005.


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It's Kip Coneals "Real Estate on the Line: Buying and Selling Foreclosures" in which Kip and co-host Audra Bailey talk about the opportunities in buying and flipping houses that banks took back. Wait till you hear Kip try and get past the word "stupid".


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