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Phil is under the weather, so we've thrown together a double-header of weird for today's "Best Of" podcast.

Kicking off the show is Dr. Ed Elcott, who welcomes his guest Body Godberg, an Elector Saint of Elcott, to talk about a turf war with the Gurudedev Disciplite.

And then it's August Selsen, sex expert, who relates a series of events from the past week that reveal all is sure not what he thought it was...


Click here to listen now!

......I got sick, not Bud. So there's bound to be a 'Best Of' today but it'll be great and I'lol talk to you Thursday...

Phil talks to Dr. Ed Elcott who is looking for new disciples at Wampaugh Bowl. Chris Norton talks about the sudden retirement of porn star Bob Meat.


Click here to listen now!

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