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Dave Oliva thinks Robert DeNiro is going to be pissed off that people are not going to his movies as much. He thinks people should get ready for DeNiro to start kicking ass.


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     Emmy won at a raffle by Don Berman shown here with Channel 19's Dave Ochoa

Phil and the crew welcomed onto the show Pastor William Rennick who talked about his appearance on the forthcoming one-man show at the Hollywood Improv.

Don Berman discussed lightening strikes at beaches over the weekend and the true story behind Don's so-called Emmy award....

Phil's one-man show is sold-out for Wednesday night but everyday is a one man show day with a Backstage Pass....with an all-access pass you can watch as Phil goes in and out of character at breakneck speed, keeping the comedy balls in the air or at least bouncing high enough to make the catch and preps the show in typical uncensored Phil Hendrie fashion... Become a member of the BSP family...other than porn, the world's best on-line value..

"I had searched the archive for an episode from the old show, but was unsuccessful. My recall is sketchy, but I think Margaret was hawking a product called Simple Green. Its purpose was to clean the stank after bowel movements. She sang a catchy jingle, and I thought it was hilarious. I wonder if anyone might recall the date of the episode. Thanks much."-Michael Basso

Phil talks to Vernon Dozier about a student disciplined because of an offensive song the kid was playing in his car. And Ted Bell got his feelings hurt when Phil seemingly named Morton's as his favorite steakhouse.

                           The bishenes' 'spearience....

BSP's don't forget the BSP Only Saturday show tomorrow.....

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