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Phil and the gang review briefly the events of the preceeding 48 hours; the Ontario show, Phil falling down outside a studio on Santa Monica Blvd. (and Dr Jim Sadler's ananlysis while getting a free breakfast at some nuerological seminar) and Emory Clayton's commentary on the renewed Republican effort for black votes (while he tries to explain to his wife his need for pork bacon but beef sausage in the scrambled eggs....

A BSP to the Phil Hendrie Show website means you have finger tip access to 10,000 hours of the greatest radio show in history...and now that there isn't any radiop left (to speak of) thats worth, potentially, MILLIONS!! 

Phil is doing a table read for his new show, so we've got Dr. Ed Elcott guest hosting from August 23rd, 2014. And then it's Part 1 of Bobbie's celebrity interview with Paul Scheer.


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Dave Oliva, citing a recent census, tells the white listeners to "get ready for the spatula and feel the fry bin" as whites will soon be a minority and relegated to kitchen duty. From October 1999.


One of Phil's last live performances of the year...TONIGHT...at the Ontario Improv. Tickets on sale now!


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