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The Bobbie Dooley Thanksgiving Marathon, includes such classics as The Clothes-A-Thon, Peer Pressure, Mothers With Sons, Justin's Grad Party, Turn Off The AC, and Mock Kidnapping! Originally aired November 2002.


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Bobbie and Steve Dooley, as leaders of their Homeowner Association, take down a Jewish family's blue and white Hanukkah lights and demand they put up "more festive" multicolored ones. From November 2000.


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Art Griego leads his passengers through the desert after abandoning the plane

Discussions with pilot Art Griego labout travel weather lead to him claiming some pretty incredible journeys where passenger safety meant sometimes abandoning the aircraft altogether...

Emory Clayton talks about the cool, calm and collected discussions he's had in his lecture hall about Ferguson.....and the threat of him throwing people out a window if they got out of line hanging in the air...

'Police combat' competition

There is acrimony around as the crew talks about Ferguson. Phil and the General almost come to blows, pardon the expression. Maybe "almost get into a fight" is better. 

Dave Oliva talks about proper police methods and Bobbie and Steve Dooley discuss events in Missouri

Larry Grover plays an arcade "Police Combat" game and keeps running out of quarters as he gets slaughtered every game...

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