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Phil's working on his new pilot all day, so we brought in two guest hosts for today's podcast. First up is Bobbie Dooley, who called a halt to the violence she has visited on Steve and other men in light of the Ray Rice video. She did have Jay Santos come in and hog-tie both her husband Steve and staff announcer Gene Wiffner until they learned to keep their mouths shut while she is talking... Closing the show is Dr. Ed Elcott, who faces his toughest test yet as he interviews the "elemental/elevate" daughter of two near-Overlords, the 4 year old Beans Habershall. Dr. Elcott must endure the contradictory nature of the child, her peculiar babytalk and the judgment of the Overlords who may bring out the "Overlord Leveling" at any moment.


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Phil has his last recording session of the season this morning, so we've cut together a "Best Of" to tide you over until tomorrow. Phil and the panel talked about hacked iCloud photos and, of course, it got around to Margaret and the possibility that her phone got hacked and that there's a photo out there of her "with it parked on Frank's nose." Then Jay Santos joins the show to give his two cents on why Apple screwed the pooch. In the next segment, David G. Hall called to remind Phil not to get so "cool" and "laid back" when he talks about so-called "Molly," the drug MDMA, which is also known as "Ecstasy." Phil and the crew were talking about the suspension of Denver Bronco Wes Welker for using Ecstasy during the Kentucky Derby. Chris Norton then called in to offer his professional knowledge on the subject. And then the show closes with guest hosts August Selsen and Lady Beth from our Labor Day special.


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Kaci Hickox: 'Don't call me the Ebola nurse...'

Mavis Leonard kicks off with a renewal of "Inner'essing Tidbits"

The Ebola nurse is discussed by Phil and Margaret. She says she's tired of being called the Ebola nurse but Margaret figures she's "just some red-head looking to be the next media sensation. The whole thing probably gives her a thrill"

The music service Shazam is dssected and Phil makes dire predictions for artists if labels start using it to determine what kinds of songs they should WRITE...

Bud, in mocking the name Alvin Wang, sings a little ditty that actually has Margaret intrigued....

The show starts with Chris Pootay Love Songs, where Chris tries to balance a sexy delivery with a squeaky, behind-the-scenes mouse voice that reads the riot act to everyone working their show... Chris also finds out that he has no staying power even though he's "spanking his own dummy." It all comes to a crash when Chris finally faces the truth about what he's willing to do for money... And then it's part two of Bobbie's interview with Paul Scheer.


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