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Reverend Dave Castorini again tries to rationalize the obvious fact that he's gay by saying sex in the name of a "higher purpose" is just fine. Curt Queedy and Guy Barton have been voted out of the West Virginia state legislature, but that doesn't stop them from bullcrapping their way onto the show.


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For today's podcast, we're featuring an encore broadcast of the show from October 17th, 2014.

The show started off with the good news from Margaret Grey's household that there was no bloody, Ebola diarrhea there at all this morning, much to the general disgust of the crew to which Margaret reacted, typically, with shock and indignation. She recovered enough to butcher up the song "Total Eclipse of the Heart" or as she called it "Turn Around Bright Eyes." Phil also sang.

Phil reviewed walk-off home runs that have won league championships, including last night's by San Francisco's Trevor Ishakawa.

August Selsen concluded with a brand new half hour of advice on "How to do sex good."


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......and find out what's next in...............The World of Phil Hendrie

An hour of Phil and the crew from KKSF, San Francisco, including Margaret & Frank Grey, Bob Green, one of Bob's pissed off customers Harold Brewster, Bobbie & Steve Dooley, Bud, and Robert. Among other things, the finally settled sexual harassment suits ("corn" and bathroom graffiti) against Bob & Frazier Foods are discussed.

And we've got the full four-hour show in the videocast.


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