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Brad Rivkind, ad agency guy, thinks opening dental offices near dive bars is a no-brainer. Whenever a bar fight breaks out, naturally someone loses some teeth.


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Wisp Bryson, a classic country music legend, has fallen on hard times. He can't even afford a full band so he has to make guitar sounds with his mouth. Paul Mazeer joins the show briefly with a list of songs Margaret Grey has sung over the years.


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Steve Bosell lost his son's respect when he showed Axel Rose on TV and it stunk. Another father showed him up by taking his kid to see Linkin Park and they had fun.


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Margaret Grey has a run-in with Mark Berger (or is it Barger or is it Mike) the manager of the Hotel Renaldo in Pasadena and brings him on the air to explain. Bob Green finds another bathroom stall in the women employees restroom at Frazier Foods defaced with graffiti, this time calling him out over his use of Viagra.


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