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                 Billy Uthcott just past Meiners Oaks, home of Krugars Mufflers

Phil begins the show by telling everyone, calmly, he's getting a fire axe and burying it in the equipment. Phil talked with the crew about the ongoing angst of family members around the flight 370. Later Will Garbarini, "oceanagrapher" discussed further search efforts with the panel and Mavis Leonard who imagined herself being on board. Margaret began feeling bad for the first class passengers who would have been the first to hit the water. RC Collins discussed the military options in the east Ukraine, quoting "Lieutenant Mullings who's our tactics and battle plan instructor" and mentioned the Marines in a famous World War 1 battle that had nothing to do with the topic....Beginning, Monday we giveaway an iPad a day during our All Access BSP preshow!

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