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A 3D Printed Guitar

Whatever 3D printing is, Phil carved up the explanation in the first 40 minutes of the show today, much to the disgust of our panel. But in fact Jeff Dowdder didn't do much better.

Don Berman returned to the show to heap accolades on one Kevin Conroy, the longtime animation voice of Batman, for volunteering to cook for the firefighters and rescuers at Ground Zero during 9/11...Don hung up on Phil at one point and Phil couldn't get him back on for awhile because no one in the channel 19 newsroom had ever heard of him...

Dr. Ron Tarner discussed America's return to manned spaceflight, to be announced today at 1pm PDT, by bemoaning what he thinks is America's target; Venus. He wanted to go to Mars because he'd written a musical about it, "A Martian, Though I May Be."

                                           The I-5 Grapevine

This morning Phil started off by mentioning the show Thursday night and how, for the most part, Margaret sang well except when she took off "melodically" at the end while singing "I wish you love...."  Margaret was predictably offended. "You're just dragging me out into the middle of a dirty, dusty western street and waiting for a stage coach to roll over top of me.

Herb Sewell and Don Berman joined the program to discuss the Adrian Peterson/Ray Rice stories with Herb recounting how he pushed his wife Hailey out of a moving car on the I-5 grapevine but it was okay because "as you know Phil, when I met her she was a stuntwoman."

Thanks again to everyone who came out last Thursday night to the Irvine Improv and made our fourth show easily the best one yet!

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