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"I need to find this episode with Chris Norton having a discussion on his uncircumsized penis and how women love it and that's an Asian sexual tradition or something, it was hilarious. I was laughing and now I can't find it."

                                               Prime Minister of Turkey?

In a controversial move that created friction within show staff, the Phil Hendrie Show purchased the broadcast rights to the Devil f*cking Fred Phelps, minus lube, and aired the event this morning on the show.... The existence of an animal known as "the traveling squirrel" was discussed by Steve Bosell, Phil Hendrie and Guy Barton. Barton had written a siong called "Traveling Squirrel" "23 days before Ricky Nelson wrote 'Traveling Man'" he said. Phil ripped people that were criticizing coverage of the Malaysia Air tragedy saying he only hoped they lost kids to an air disaster someday. Curt Queedy and Guy Barton discussed Turkey banning Twitter and at one point General Shaw thought the Prime Minister of Turkey was the same guy that "gave it to William Hayes in 'Midnight Express.' On the Bobbie Dooley podcast, Steve morphs into 'The Fly" and attacks Bobbie and Gene Wiffner

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