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                                             Kweli and Lemon get into it

Don Berman from channel 19 news comes in early to his newsroom to be on our show and isn't recognized by anyone. It's a problem...

Mavis Leonard rips AT&T Wireless an ass for cutting her minutes off while she's texting a story for her "Interesting Tidbits" newsletter...

Phil replays for the crew the Don Lemon-Talib Kweli exchange from Ferguson, MO and they comment on it like the dumb asses they are....

20 days left til The World of Phil Hendrie: Truth Is Our Bitch, An Explosion of Weird hits the stage at the Irvine Improv... Best get a ticket..

Remember all digital downloads are 50% off till further notice...we may cut this off at any second so climb over top of your best friend's family to get to this deal!

                           The General said a bugle call brings a tear to his eye

Ferguson, Ebola and ISIS were "on tap" today with the panel. Special guests were Jay Santos, Dave Oliva and Dean Wheeler as well as Frank Grey who was supposed to be talking about the legal aspects of Ferguson but couldn't get to it, again, because of his gender confusion

Bud, Robert and Margaret cued up a bugle blowing the cavalry call to mock General Shaw...

Other weirdnessity....

September 11 will be here lickity-split and then you'll be there with your shorts pushed to the ankles without your World of Phil Hendrie tickets. The Irvine Improv in...................Irvine!!

Coach Vernon Dozier, having just read about heat exhaustion amongst football players, expressed the opinion that he would "go gay for a night" if he could be like his predecessor, who had 100 kids die from heat exhaustion over 20 seasons. From August 2001.


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