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See how hot they are? Christian swingers..

This morning the show got rolling with comments on podcasting, the death of radio and whether or not Phil was showing up for the podfest tonight in "Beaver-ly Hills" "The conditions that exist to day in radio is the wholesale robbery of talent and the full suck-age of the music industry...." 

Reverend Dave Castorini joined the show to comment on an actual new phenomenon; Christian swingers.... Reverend Dave Castorini who believes in using sex to bring people to the bible can't abide Christian swingers. "One looks like a mutant from the future, another looks like a woman presenting as a man, another has bee bees on a billiard table for boobs and the other has cans made out of cement...."

Say fans...why not round up a Backstage Pass subscription to the Phil Hendrie website and start spening your money like you've got a couple of cents worth of brains and not simple playing rugby with it...

Phil with listeners last night after the show

Phil and the crew recapped the Ventura Harbor Comedy Club show with visits from Ted Bell and Jay Santos.

Also talk of the Dodgers clinching the NL West....

Folks, we apologize. We had a spontaneous malfunction of our video stream 3/4 of the way through the show this morning. We are looking into the problem as we speak

Hit up the LA Podfest website here and use the code 'hendrie' to purchase a live web stream of the event...

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