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                Was Frank Margaret's 'naked prey" one night?

Phil and the gang were back in sudio after Bobbie's show, a show that everyone agreed was "bad" and they brought Bobbie on later to explain that. 

In the meantime, it was the Ray Rice video with Margaret and Frank Grey talking about a night both would like to forget. 

Vernon Dozier was in rare form discussing the Atlanta Hawks and the perception their fans may need to go home to their MA-MA's.

Thursday night it's The World of Phil Hendrie pulling into the Irvine Improv and it ain't stopping for shit...tickets here!

Lloyd Bonafide, Korean War veteran, mistakes his wife for a terrorist when she comes out of the shower with a towel on her head. Plus, a Dean Wheeler "Enema" bonus! From September 2001.


Click here to listen now!

Bobbie Dooley guest hosted this morning and called a halt to the violence she has visited on Steve and other men in light of the Ray Rice video. She did have Jay Santos come in and hog-tie both her husband Steve and staff announcer Gene Wiffner until they learned to keep their mouths shut while she is talking... And then it's part three of Bobbie's interview with Dr. Drew.

A few days remain before Phil is on stage at the Irvine Improv for his one man show "The World of Phil Hendrie." We strongly suggest...STRONGLY SUGGEST....you consider thinking about mulling over the purchase of a bus ticket to the Irvine Improv box office to stand there and consider asking the lady behind the glass if there's a good place for you to have a bite to eat while you say a silent prayer to help you make up your mind wether you'll have the soup or salad as an easy digestive so that your body is not distracted from the job of wondering wether to buy a ticket or not to Phil's show.

Join us this morning at 9am PDT on Listen Live ...Or hit this link and hear us on TuneIn                                                                                                                     And remember our 5 most recent shows are availablr free on Soundcloud and iTunes..

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