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                                                       Opie and Anthony

The show started with Margaret's usual opposition to the music Phil plays on the show but General Shaw said that when he hears deathcore metal it shows him there are still things worth fighting against...

David G. Hall commented on what Opie can do now that he is no longer teamed with Anthony, including staying with Anthony and movng the whole show to the digital platform...

Jay Santos of the Citizens Auxiliary Police discussed new TSA rules regarding phone and laptops with dead batteries. Jay also was contending with "L's Palsy," a condition whereby you swallow your L's to the point of strangling. 

Congratulations to Triggermouse, today's qualifier for the VIP package to Phil's July 30 show. Get a Backstage Pass to the Phil Hendrie Show and for 9.99 a month get over 10,000 hours of classic archived shows going back 15 plus years, every gejneration o0f the Phil Hendrie Show.....

                                                         Noisy cricket

Phil and the panel talked about the Anthony Cumia situation. Professor Emory Clayton came on the show and accused Phil of racism for dancing an Irish jig while leavibng the studio one day. "I've got an entire filing cabinet devoted to you, Hendrie."

Frank Grey was also going to weigh in but was preoccupied with the production of a new film, "The Jack Hochman Story," a movie about a woman who dressed and passed as a man to better her station in life. At the time Phil spoke with Frank, he was working with the sound of crickets because "the woman's life was so dull we have a steady feed of cricket sounds throughout." Frank hung up on Phil after saying the crickets has arrived that morning at Union Station and Phil asked if they had much luggage...

Get a BSP and listen to Phil's pre-show rants, even more uncensored and charming than the one's in show...especially today's!

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