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...reminds me of Miami days...probably why I like it!

Your Name: edward ortiz
Subject: Death of Milton Berle
Message: Hey Phil I've asked you this before.. do you have the clip with BOB GREEN TALKING ABOUT the death of Milton Berle and the fact that he is BIG like Milton Berle?


(I couldn't readily find this on the search engine. I wonder if it's 2001 and is still being processed? PH)

Your Name: Philo Drummond
Subject: An Old Show
Message: Hi Phil -- I'm a long time fan, fianlly got my BSP. Where can I find that one show you did a few year's back where you did the bit about the Arab guy living in America who was pissed off because his son didn't want to become a jihadist and he blamed UCLA for tempting his son with a basketball scholarship. The Arag guy kept yelling "It's Bullcrap"! I'd love to hear that one again. That was pure classic Phil. You're a genius.

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