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First up, Steve Bosell was crying about some Google employee fired for looking into the private gmail and Google voice accounts of minors. But it turns out Steve monitors his own daughter and her firends when they are on a computer at the Bosell home and he tells Phil "naturally you're going to have a reaction if it's hot and that's normal." Freak. Then David G. Hall is insulted that Craigs List would discontinue its adult services section. That's how David relaxed when he was in some new city. He'd put on ad on Craig's List asking women to come to his hotel and "take care of what I need taken care of." David also said Craig's List in allowing their adult services to be advertised in Canada and not the US was saying that American men are "degenerated, syphilitic, malignant and Dickensian scum not more than two steps up from a London gutter."

We'll discuss last night's technical snafus and more.....

...Watch the video on demand as Phil crawls around on the floor of the studio looking to see where the phone line might have fallen from the phone box...The glamour of radio

Hello All, The Oct. 2004 archives have been converted, uploaded, and are now available for download! 

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