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Is it THE HIGH SPEED RAIL LINE TO NOWHERE or CELLPHONES FOR INMATES?....'cause you ain't watching SC-UCLA right? Why? There's no good reason..even if your ass went to one of the schools

We welcomed our old friend Larry Grover tonight for a wide-ranging discussion of Harry Reid, Democratic Senator from Nevada. Larry, incredibly he says, supports Senator Reids proposal to allow online gambling. And the fact that Larry "has no choice but to support Senator Reid" makes Larry "taste the throw-up in the back of my throat." Online gambing is a conservative cause. And Larry says he has no choice "but to work on Harry Reids farm"

            Corona CK Middle School fascists

Later on it was Steven Bosell called in once again to his daughters school to answer for another politically incorrect opinion. This time Steve made the mistake of telling his daughter that while he approves of gays in the military he believes the policy should be implemented over time. His daughter April Jr. went to her school and reported her fathers opinion which runs counter to the schools position that "open and full recruitment should begin immediately." Steve stood before his daughters 7th grade class as he was called a homophobe and a bigot by 11 year old Bradley, class suck-up, and intimidated by Mrs Fessler who held a pointer to his back.

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