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SNBC's Ed Schultz goes bonkers

August 25, 2010

MSNBC talk show screamer Ed Schultz had a meltdown in the network's 30 Rock newsroom, shouting at staff, "I'm going to torch this [bleep]ing place."

The hot-tempered anchor of "The Ed Show" lost it during a phone call in the packed studio and slammed down the phone before exploding.

As astonished MSNBC staff members fell silent, Schultz glared around the room and yelled, "[Bleep]ers!"

A witness told us, "Ed was furious the network was running election-night promos and he wasn't in them. He'd been arguing on the phone with marketing, then he slammed down the phone and exploded. It was like Mel Gibson had entered the newsroom."

Ed Schultz
Ed Schultz

Fuming Schultz was immediately dragged in for a meeting with NBC News President Steve Capus and MSNBC President Phil Griffin following his Aug. 12 meltdown.

Our source added, "Schultz was told: 'If you do that again, you are fired.' He broke down crying."

Sources say the hothead was pushed over the edge by MSNBC's catering to bullying fellow anchor Keith Olbermann and its focus on golden girl Rachel Maddow.

A second MSNBC source said, "Ed never gets any attention and love, and he finally snapped."

Schultz, who's fronted his 6 p.m. show on MSNBC for 16 months, also doesn't hold back on his radio show. He once told White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs, "You're full of [bleep]." And after Fox News Channel's Glenn Beck revealed a condition that may make him go blind, Schultz said, "It's a travesty he's not going to see the country he's trying to destroy."

A spokeswoman for Schultz and the network declined to comment on the incident but said, "The only thing that's on fire are Ed's ratings, and the only people crying are at CNN."

......and then close it quickly as a way of saying "You snooze, you lose."' Better to have a BSP.

In her newspaper column, Margaret Grey annually predicts how many people will die nationally from traffic accidents on Labor Day weekend. She is paid a bonus by the Dicklin Syndicate, the company that syndicates her column, if she comes within 10 or 20 because giving out accurate information means more subscribers and readers. But last year Margaret overshot the real number, predicting 600 when the actual number was closer to 500. Margaret tells Phil and his audience that while she doesn't want people to die she is predicting 600 again this year and she wants the number reported accurately, not held down by MADD because it helps them get funding. And she wants Americans to quit dreaming and get back to driving the way they usually do...drunk and reckless. The following hour Phil is joined by Channel 19 news anchor Don Berman who talks with Phil about a series of specials planned on the Channel 19 news called "Stand Up For Yourself." The series shows instances where typical Americans insisted on fair treatment from a business and includes a segment featuring Don himself. Don felt he "stood up for himself" when he got a waitress suspended without pay for two weeks because she brought him a Rueben sandwich with the words "And you must be the one with the extra cheese." Don says he detected sarcasm in her voice, as in "Here you go fatso, here's your extra cheese." Don added it was also tough for him eating clam chowder while listening to the woman's autistic child "bellowing in a corner."

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