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Turn it on you blithering fool...or get a BSP!Baby, you could have been one of the greats. Instead, you dicked me over

...and he can't give you any shit from here on out...if he has in the past, let him know and he'll apologize. By Order Of Kor, Klingon High Command

...on over 100 really good affiliates including NY, Boston, DC and Chichago and here on the videocast

Your Name: gordon
Subject: Bob Greene / Hurricane Katrina
Message: Phil,

do you know offhand (yeah right!) where I can find the clip with Bob Greene donating spatulas and party favors to the hurricane Katrina victims and complaining that the media did not show up? That was one of the funniest bits ever and I have been dying to find it for years! can ya help a brother out!
Great shows as always and the updated website ROCKS! It would be nice if there was a keyword search on here...

Your Name: jorge
Subject: years ago show bit
Message: phil remember the guy who was gonna sen christmas cards with his picture hanging from a tree and his wife had had the whole nfl guys or something like that, I just became a member. It that show in our downloads (lack for a better word). english my second language

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