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Bill Shatner is a devil. He's hot as a pistol right now and look at him photo-bombing this entourage of dorks at a Star Trek convention. I knew him briefly when he was shooting "Star Trek" and I did a brief turn on "Chuck Wagon."

I was on the Phil Hendrie show last night and by the way I was passed around the campfire I doubt if I'll ever agree to another appearance. I'm looking at our advertising budget for the rest of the year to see if we can afford to throw money away on his show at a time when most Americans get their dinner from a grabage pail. Last night, as I was attempting to make a point about these crawling punks that text when they drive,

            Lousy punk texting while driving

I made note of an afternoon when I pulled one of these cheap punks over to the side of the road and told him..and here's the quote..."You keep texting and you'll kill every Christian soul on this freeway." The punk then looked at me with a smirk and said "I'm Jewish." Well when I related the story to Mr. Hendrie and his not-too-swift listeners, people started calling in about my "Christian soul" comment and the fact that "boy" I forced to the side of the road was Jewish and was I an anti-Semite. I said of course I'm not, the "Christian soul" comment was a figure of speech. And then I said "Everyone knows the Westside is crawling with Jews" but not meant in a mean way AND I said the "Christian soul" line I first heard in the movie "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" which was directed by Steven Spielberg.........A Jew! But, I was shouted down, passed around the camp-fire a few more times, given a blanket and told to go sleep in the bed of the truck and "Mule" would give me a ride out in the morning. And I know you don't know what I'm talking about so let's just say it's a distant memory I have from a long ago meeting with members of a certain motorcycle organization.

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