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I've stopped off bright and early to visit with friends and neighbors......

Which is the Greatest Trilogy? From Cracked.Com

Check out David Wong or Professor Oxford's (I forget which) in-depth study on which stupid trilogy of fantasy and grooviness was tippy-top! Click on the image!

When I was happy, when there was a future, when I could still change course......there I was, asleep....


Justin McElroy is a high school student who worked as a theme park character at a prominent California amusement park this summer. His costume, that of a pirate, included tights. As he wasn't wearing any support when he spotted a young woman he liked he got aroused. In order to hide it, when asked to take a group photo with the family, he got too close to the back side of the girls mother and pressed himself into her. She complained to the park and Justin was charged with sexual harrassment and battery. He and four other employees sued the park saying, among other things, that it's impossible for a "ficticious character like a pirate or an octupus to sexually harrass a woman because they don't exist." Larry Grover was with Phil the next hour commenting on Harry Reid's assertion that it doesn't make sense for Hispanics to be Republicans. Larry is a very right wing conservative who prefers to sit next to white people "at ball games." However he said that one thing Republicans had plenty of were hispanics and one thing they needed more of were black members. So even though he likes his racial balance around four white guys to every one black ("like at a lunch counter") he knows conservatives need to field more black candidates.

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