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Tonight visiting us were West Virginia State Senators Curty Queedy and Guy Barton. As Democrats, they do not favor extending the Bush tax cuts. But, as Democrats, they dare not say that ahead of an election as they are sure to be voted out if they do. And if they are voted out? Well that means Curt's 20 Years In The State House Celebration slated for this May would stink it out and Guy returning to his moving van business would spell disaster for a brother and sister-in-law that took it over and turned it around. Better to re-elect them first and then they'll get around to talking about these tax cuts. Up next was Vernon Dozier who believes in the death penalty but not for women.

                 "God, I love her so"

He holds women high, as if they are spiritual beings. And he does so even though his mother kissed him on the lips as a 9 year old in full view of his friends and teachers. It wasn't so bad when he told them all he was the womans young lover but when his mother identifuied herself to everyone, Vernon cracked. Even so, he over came the experience and went on to support women whole-heartedly in their efforst at equality. He told his students the story of his mother kissing his lips and one of them returned the next day with a gift for "any offspring you and your mother may have had. It's a telescope since the kid is odds-on a cyclops." And he overcame that insult as well.......

Jeff Dowder: "Phil, you was wrong to say it was bullshit that Woopi Goldberg was at Disneyland. Here's a better picture of it"
*that's what she said

Bobbie Dooley went to bat for her son Seth tonight. The President of the Western Estates Parent-Teacher Organization said her 19 year old son was not forcing himself on a 17 year old girl in a parked car one night. That's just what she told her dad so he could sue the Dooley's because "he doesn' look like he's got much going on." Besides, says Bobbie, "the girl's 17 going on 31 and walks bow-legged so do the math." Later Dave Oliva, a criminal justice student at LA Canyon College came on to defend the Orlando police officer accused of hip-checking and seriously injuring a World War 2 vet. Dave did battle with callers who believe the police used excessive force but as far as Dave was concerned "all the people that called tonight were either jailbirds or LAPD wash-outs. If a guy parks his car on a sidewalk it's pretty much guaranteed he needs a beating."

Vernon Dozier in "Pile It High And Deep" from February, 2006

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