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The October 2001 DATs have been edited, converted, uploaded, and are now available for streaming and downloading! Cheers,

                      The entire web team

                           From Amanda Green in Miami

Tonight, construction contractor Steven Bosell told Phil and his audience that the story of a baby being saved after falling from a seventh floor window in Paris was the cause of great humilation for him. He was playing with his niece when he dropped the child, not seriously, but enough for his wife April to read aloud to him the story of the baby in Paris. Steve put that together with what he saw as a "signal" from  mother to baby for the baby to start crying plus Steve's wife eating Butterfingers and Steve decided he was being "slandered and made to look like a fool."

Marylyn Donnelly from the Sunshine State Tea Party was Phil's guest the following hour. Ms. Donnelly took the Tea Party's great victory's Tuesday night in national elecrtions as occasion to herald a new view of American history. From now on, said Marylyn, it would be "Our Founding Fathers and Founding Mothers." Even without historical evidence women were at the signing of the Declaration of Independence Marylyn wants to assume they were. "There had to be a woman within a few city blocks of the siging. She could have just as easily slipped in and signed." And, accoring to Marylyn the same was probably true of LGBT people. "You don't think it was likely some queer was serving up the ale?"

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