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from fact-index.com

The league was formed when basketball mogul Abe Saperstein did not get the Los Angeles NBA franchise he felt he had been promised in return for his years of supporting the NBA with doubleheader games featuring his Harlem Globetrotters. When Minneapolis Lakers owner Bob Short was permitted to move the Lakers to Los Angeles, Saperstein reacted by convincing NABL team owner Paul Cohen (Tuck Tapers) and AAU National Champion Cleveland Pipers owner George Steinbrenner to take the top NABL and AAU teams and players and form a rival league. Saperstein and Cohen each secretly made arrangements with local promoters in the other cities to finance those teams so there would be an eight team league. Unfortunately, Saperstein's ego led him to place the Jets in Los Angeles to take on the transplanted Lakers. He got Bill Sharman as coach and signed former NBA players Larry Friend and Geogre Yardley to give the team instant credibility. Unfortunately, the idea backfired and the Jets did not last the season. In Cleveland, Steinbrener's coach was the legendary John McLendon, who became the first black coach of a pro basketball team. McLendon had several of his star players from Tennessee St such as John Barnhill and Ben Warley plus several former Akron Wingfoots such as Johnny Cox and Jimmy Darrow and had won the AAU National Championship the year before. McLendon chafed at Steinbrenner's interference and quit in midseason. Steinbrenner immediately named Sharman, from the recently defunct Jets, as his coach and the Pipers won the 1961 ABL title. The Tuck Tapers were placed in Washington after years in New York as an NABL team, but soon returned to New York in midseason. Despite good attendance in several cities, the league had more problems prior to year two. Steinbrenner signed All American Jerry Lucas to a then unheard of contract, planning to use the move to force his way into the NBA. The gambit worked, but the ABL sued to block the move and as a result Steinbrenner had a team and no league. Instead of returning to the ABL, Steinbrenner folded his tent. This chicanery masked a series of other ABL moves. The Hawaii Chiefs drew well but other teams felt the air travel was just too expensive.

          Hawaii Chiefs

The Chiefs relocated to Long Beach, as Saperstein was bound and determined to create havoc for the Lakers. San Francisco escaped head to head competition with the newly relocated Warriors by heading to Oakland (ironically the Warriors ended up in Oakland). Paul Cohen, who secretly owned the Pitsburgh team as well as officially owning the Tapers, moved the Tapers again from New York, where they had been an NABL powerhouse for years, to Philadelphia, where he hoped to fill the void of the shocking move of the Warriors (with Wilt Chamberlain) from Philadelphia to San Francisco. The multiple radical changes, combined with uneven attendance(some teams, such as the Kansas City Steers drew well), and no fresh capital from new owners, caused Saperstein and Cohen to decide to throw in the towel with the close of 1961 on December 31. Just like that, the league that pioneered the three point shot and the wider foul line (both eventually adopted by the rest of the basketball world) was gone. The Philadelphia Tapers, Kansas City Steers, Hawaii Chiefs,Cleveland Pipers and even the Los Angeles Jets after a time all came back and returned to their NABL roots, where they continue to this day as AAU Elite teams.

TOP ABL Players included Johnny Cox, Larry Friend, Bill Spivey, Roger Kaiser, Jeff Cohen, George Yardley, Larry Siegfried, Ben Warley, Connie Dierking, Bill Bridges, Win Wilfong, Gene Conley, Gene Tormohlen, Fred Sawyer, Bevo Francis, Maurice King, Nick Romanoff, Charlie Tyra, Sylvester 'Cy' Blye, Roger Taylor, Rick Herrscher, Frank Burgess, Dick Brott, Archie Dees, Larry Swift, Lee Harman, Phil Wilcox, Connie Hawkins, Bruce Spraggins, and Larry Comley

Sign up, Your Majesty...........now!!

In this exclusive report, I have it on some fairly okay authority, kind of, that Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga and Miley Cyrus

may throw herself on the floor from time to time and "chew on the rug." Know what I mean? This guy I talked to told me that the reason you never see her with a man, save bodyguards and waiters following her outside to get her to pay a bill, is because she usually packs a "box lunch." But Gleason Jacky, the roaring, preening gay who currently does an entertainment piece for the Village Voice, told me that no way is Gaga a maneater. He told me that unlike such celebrated (for their art) tomboys as Dusty Springfield and Melissa Etheridge, Gaga is attractive to men. She lets it all hang out. But a true, proficient "labian" takes care to be "female" but not quite "feminine." Springfield, in her day, wore gowns and had her hair done but at the end of the day looked like a woman pretending to be a man in drag. And I'm sorry because I love Dusty Springfield to pieces and would never, ever make her the object of stupid derision but I just did, I guess. Melissa Etheridge, in her prime, spray-painted the jeans on and used her energy on stage in an attractive manner I suppose but she too was and is way off. You get close enough and she's just another clam digger.

But my sources tell me that if Gaga doesn't find something with a penis to hang with soon, the press will eat it alive.........I mean the press will eat her alive. A Margaret Grey Moment: I think she's disgusting now that I'm putting it all together. She sickens me the way I am now attracted to her...but only in a Katy Perry way. I am a straight woman but I now want to strip Gaga down and shove her face first into a pillow and teach it...and her....a lesson.

On tonights show, Dr. Ron Tarner, an astronomer and astrophysicist, tells us that he has been asked by an old friend, Dr. Bob Winslow of the Mountain Meadow School District, to teach a class in sexual abstinence to middle schoolers. Because of budget cuts the school is short of teachers. So Ron agrees and tells the children that the best way to abstain from sex is by masturbating. In speaking with the parents, Ron says he has to "go slow and explain very carefully that you can't make babies from masturbation." Ron feels that as a very educated man he might as well be talking to people in "bonnets from the 17th century who believe that flickering lights caused by swamp gas are actually dancing elves and pixies." Ted Bell joins Phil for a discussion of LeBron James and another "backstabber. Don Voges." Mr. Voges is a former chef who worked for Ted until Don took a job at a Shula Steak House in Memphis so he could be close to the St. Judes Hospital for Children. Don's daughter is sick with Leukemia. Ted however says the guy was "stepping over my body like I'm a passed out drunk in a doorway" on his way to better money the same way Lebron James "stepped over Dan Gilberts body in a doorway." Ted finally says that what James did is like "digging up James Naismiths corpse and playing with his remains by the moonlight."

.....two year experiment in doing a news/talk show that bordered on actual truth-telling...with some laughs thrown in....In other words, who knew what it was??? Anyway, over on Facialbook I get a great many friend-requests from serious right-wing people. By that I mean, some are real people and funny so that's fine. But some are with the Obama-Chimp pictures, the Michelle-Gorilla pictures, the Commie Red Star Flag deal and so forth. Those people hate, I don't give a flying, spinning shit who thinks not, those people just hate. Black man make them nervous 'cause he president and stuff. Those people should be arrested and told they are being shipped out to forced labor camps. Then when their screaming becomes almost primal, we should tell them we're only kidding and kick them out the front door with a Soutwest Airline lunch bag. The cunts

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