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Tonight our guests were Insensitive German writer Shoell Heller and Chris Norton. We'll fill in the details later as we've had the Internet go down, if you'll pardon the expression.

...download Flash 10.1....and there we are. Rantz is watching it now

By Margaret Grey "A Little Bird Told Me" All Rights Reserved

Sheila Hershey, a third rate something or other looking to hitch her boobs, if not her wagon, to one star or another, went south to Brazil, looking for the biggest boobs on the block, cup size: M. Since the United States doesn't allow tits that big she had to have the surgical procedure done in another country where Jesus knows what kind of antiseptic conditions exist. None the less, since Cup M would set Hershey as the woman with the biggest tits on earth, nothing was too filthy for our girl. So Brazil-bound were her breasts and she aquired the Hulk Hogans in due time. However.....

Since she decided to get butchered Brazil-style she has had so many on-going infections and other health-related issues Hershey has had to have breast REDUCTION surgery. Goodbye Monster Cans! And I do mean "Goodbye." Not only has Hershey had breast reduction, she's starting all over again. Most of her breast tissue is gone and implants are the order of the day.....much smaller implants. While we're not talking bee-bees on a billiard table she won't be any M cup again anytime soon, you can bet your sweet ass.

As for me, I'll take my firm, pert breasts. Yes, I'm in my late fifties but my ass is still high and hard and my.....oh my God, what am I doing. Oh my God, please forgive me. I got carried away and I put down in print silly, stupid, vain trash. Oh shit, I hope Tony edits this out because I don't know how to.

Boston Jets at Baltimore Rave. Joe Say: "Take it to the bank, team speed and coaching will be the deciding factors. The running games for both teams will almost be non-existant but watch the aerial ballet that ensues. Both defenses are big but stupid doesn't begin to tell the story of just how dumb both defensive units are. God are they dumb.

Kansas City Chargers at the Kansas City Chiefs. Joe says: "Timing is everything and the even tempered kicking game combined with slight-of-hand blitzing should keep San Diego or Kansas City guessing. Kansas City must stop the pass rush of the Kansas City Chargers or the San Diego Chargers..one of those two. Getting to the airpot early to see whcih team showed up would have been a wise move for the head coach but too late now."

*Unless they play Tuesday morning!

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