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Margaret Grey, nationally syndicated columnist, is on in a follow-up to her appearance earlier this summer where she claimed to be able to predict the number of traffic fatalities nationally during a given period. Margaret predicted 40,000 for the calendar year of 2009. There were 33,000. She tells Phil that it's Mothers Against Drunk Driving that holds the numbers down by whipping out the snot rag to impress the DOT so they get more funding. Meanwhile, her work with "serial drunk driver Buck Everett" goes unnoticed. Later in the program Dean Wheeler from the Northern California Holistic Center debated Phil on the merits of protesting the Ground Zero mosque as opposed to burning the Koran. Phil and his listeners seemed to agree that the sensitivities involved should be respected on both sides but Dean called Moslems who agreed "Uncle Mohammeds" and said that Arabs are more excitable so naturally they'll be violent if the Koran is burned. Americans have more self-control.

...the beginning of the Phil Uncensored Pre-Show Rant Podcasts....It's gonna be so bitchin'...

I lost my friend Jay Theisen in 1977 to a construction site accident. Construction workers put their lives on the line everyday too. Photo by Randi Lavik

Tonight, Doug Dannger, a Gay man and a Gay journalist, came on the show to discuss Brittney Spears and a lawsuit that accuses her of having sex in front of her kids, among other things. Doug told Phil that if Ms. Spears wanted to have sex in front of her kids there must be a reasonable explanation for it. One woman called to complain that Doug kept telling people he was gay. She had gay friends and they didn't have to say anything. Doug asked her "Then how did you know they were gay? I say it so you'll know. I'm not sneaking around trying to hide it like your hairdresser." In hour two it was Father James McQuarters saying that Christianity had lost the battle to Islam. Because of the "hayseed" image of southern Christians, like Terry Jones and his Koran burning, more and more "quality white men are leaving the Christian church and joining the Muslamics."

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