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Your Name: Ashley Thibodeaux
Subject: Lloyd Bonafide gets t-bagged
Message: I would like to hear the bit where Lloyd Bonafide claims that he was intentionally t-bagged by his neighbors cat. I've only heard it once and I can't find it anywhere!! I LOVE your genius show!!!!!!! :)

"Tonight's winner will receive a copy of my autobiography entitled:' The Joy of Gunning Down Japs on Saipan as They Ran Toward Their Ships That Were Burning in the Harbor Because the Navy Flyboys Put A Torch To Them'"---

One of the most iconic photographs of WW2. A US Marine holds a baby found in a cave full of corpses


Subject: Greatness 

You're the man! Thank you for cracking me up on a daily basis for years now. Continued success to you, sir. Quick question...I recall a show, from the 03-06? era, about Vernon Dozier becoming involved in a bar fight, possibly with some of his players. I think he may have been trying to "teach them a lesson" as well. I don't remember much more. I need to find that show! Again, keep up the amazing work...it's great.

"Every four years we're Norways bitch."

...also December 11, 2001 features Pastor William Rennick and the full "Smoldering Jesus" show..

Your Name: Gianmarc
Subject: Jim Sadler
Message: Alright Phil, while everyone else seems to be at it, I thought I'd take a shot myself: About six years ago you did a Dr. Jim Sadler bit in which he complained that the cancellation of TV shows such as Friends and Seinfeld caused such great angst and fury in him that he had to "turn his rings around" and punch the fuck out of his neighbor's wife. I was driving down I-95 in FL that night and I have no fucking idea how I made it home alive, because I was laughing so hard I was gasping for air.

Do you have any recollection of this show or when it might have aired?


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