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"I was just thinking, Jeanine, what it would feel like strangling you and having all that money for myself. Interesting thought, isn't it?"

Friday, September 15, 2000 Bob Green wants to raise money for mental retardation by putting handicapped kids on exhibit, feeding them "Mongo Chow", and charging people for admittance. Phil talks about having to go to court for drinking on a public beach.

Sept 9 2005 Austin Amarca and Hurricane Andrew or Katrina and how he somjhow thinks the hurricane was coming for his brother

Thursday, March 31, 2005 Hour Doug Danger tells prom kids they're not a big shot because they are in a limo. Caller Jeff says Doug sounds jealous.
October 22, 1999 Phil kicks off the hour talking about violence in relationships. half way through, Chris Nortons calls and he says he's been caught having sex with married women by the husbands many times, but he's always been able "to cool them (Goes to a second hour) 

....6pm PDT, 9pm PDT  3 hours of Classic Phil from the archives......   Usually, when you put your hand on your chin, the elbow of the arm the hand is attached to is resting on something. But in this picture, the head is resting on a hand supported by an elbow in mid-air. I say bullshit

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