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A discussion of Christmas and family tonight as we talked with the Dooleys, Bobbie and Steve, about how they extend invitations to family members living around the country and then "pray to the savior Jesus and say please.....PLEASE...make them turn down the invite and say no." Why this contradictory attitude? "It's polite and gracious to offer but it's also expected that people with class will say no." Bobbie says in California, when you invite relatives in from out of state to visit, people say they "got the smell of hog on them..."

The hostage taking at a school board meeting in Florida was talked about by Jay Santos of the Citizens Auxiliary Police. While an armed security guard ended the standoff by shooting the gunmen who then took his own life, Jay doesn't think the guard was a hero. "I could have taken the guy without the use of a firearm. Just present a small target and come at him sideways so there's less wind resistance. Then lock my left arm around his neck and right arm across his head, rotate him 180 degress so the cameras see what I'm doing and snap his neck." The audience: Jay would never pass the standard psych test for cops.

....including 20 new Classic Phil's, 20 new rants, audio and video and of course our continuing effort at making the entire archive downloadable......

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