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Tonight, leading the first hour off was German writer Shoel Heller who was perplexed by Americans and their going back and forth come election time. "First you like Obama, then you don't, then you do, then you don't. " At this rate, said Mr. Heller, with Germany looking to America for its example, "we might as well go back to National Socialism. Good strong leadership and we're not flip-flopping every two years."                                  Recent voting

Later came Jay Santos of the Citizens Auxiliary Police. Jay and his "sub-commanders" were at polling places today looking at the way people are dressed. "Some of these people were not dressed appropriately. One guy had a pic in his hair and another guy had on swim trunks. I saw another woman wearing a Van de Kamps waitress uniform." Jay said he and his men were sending people home to get into suits and formal head wear until the LA County Sherrif showed up and "made us sit on the curb all lined up like bitches" so that people driving by made fun of them in their bermuda shorts and pith helmets.

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