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Margret Grey was beside herself with rage and desperation tonight as she related to Phil that her brother, Ray, has moved in with a wealthy woman, scion of a prominent Pennsylvania family. Margaret is sure this means all family festivity will be moved back east and away from her and Frank. "I don't know why but when I think of this woman, I fantasize throwing her body parts around a room like in that one Jack the Ripper picture I saw." When Phil expresses shock, Margaret presses the point home. "If any member of my family chooses to head back east for Thanksgiving or Christmas, may God help them."


Next up was Don Berman from Channel 19 News, on to talk about a special news segment debuting on Monday, "A House Is Not A Home." This feature will look at the foreclosure crisis and how some "foreclosure mills" are rubber stamping documents without reading them. Never mind the fact that Don took as a gift a watch and a weekend in Miami at a company condo from one of the firms he was imvestigating, he found nothing wrong with what they are doing. In fact, he thinks they are doing great work, "clearing these houses out so that REAL people can buy them."

Narragansett Beer from Cranston, Rhode Island. Thanks richko1

Dawson's Beer from New Bedford, Massachusetts. Thanks robie46

Rainer Beer, Seattle, Washington from obamathug

The Brew 102 Label

The Brew 102 brewery, on the right, heading east out of downtown

Every city in America (that can call itself a city) produced at one time or another a purely local brew marketed directly to the city of origin that tasted like rust, gave you a head-ache and was as cheap as your girlfriend. We're talking before the beer industry became feminized with micro-brews and before the advent of Budweiser as the Official Beer Of Stoopid. Yes, we're talking about the beer maybe your father or grandfather drank and when you snuck a sip from the fluted glass it sat all foamy and pretty in you said to yourself, "That's what I'm drinking when I'm old enough." And then you got old enough. 

Here in Los Angeles it was Brew 102, brewed by Maier Brewing. It had been the Philadelphia Brewery, founded in 1875 and it became one of the nation's best-known bottlers of working-class brew. (Historic note-The site was home to El Aliso, the ancient sycamore tree that was the heart of the Gabrielino village of Yang-Na -- the original Los Angeles village. Should have kept the tree and forgot the brewery)

What shit beer did your town proudly produce?

It was Ted Bell tonight, president of the Beverly Hills Automoble Association, protesting the high number of tickets police seem to give to drivers in Mercedes and other "HPV" cars (High-performance vehicles) Ted feels that if a man drives an HPV (His is a 55 T-Bird, two-tone) he is more likely to drive safely. Why would he want to wreck a beautiful car while people that drive "Smart Cars and PT Cruisers probably can't wait to wreck them." Later it was Harvey Weirman, retired attorney. Phil discussed with Harvey the case of a firefighter putting the video of a fatality crash on YouTube and how the victims parents saw it. Harvey mentioned a case he's involved in. An old man drove his car into a "vegetable mart" while the man's grandson video-recorded the whole event, then later gave it a soundtrack and put it on YouTube. "That's different though" said Harvey. "The kid did that to reach out to anyone his grandfather hit so they could get their contact info. Not to pay for damages. Just to acknowledge they did in fact contact his grandfathers car in an unfortunate manner and he and his grandfather are sorry they did that."

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