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......and are now available for direct download! Cheers,  -Alex

Tonight, Raj Feneen, an Egyptian-born businessman living in the United States, told Phil and his listeners that the unrest in Egypt can be turned toward establishing a western-style democracy. But it'll take American money and American troops. After all, it was America, "like a hot looking woman walking down the street that you want to get your hands on" that showed the world how good democracy is. Time to help finance all those retractable domes, giant shopping malls and movies that Egypt wants to get going

              Money For A Retractable Roof

Later on Bobbie Dooley, while taking a bath, told Phil she made a unilateral ruling over the heads of the school administration: As the PTO president she rulled that a Sikh student at Western Estates Elementary would be allowed to wear a symbolic dagger because of religious freedom. But she also ruled that a Christian student would not be allowed to pray because "Christians have had it good long enough." Bobbie was taking the bath by the way because of a migraine that had come on while she was dealing with this stuff at school.

El Pacifico, 4pm PST Feb 2, Groundhog

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