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On Saturday, November 20, KFI AM 640 will welcome home Phil Hendrie and his cast of voices to the KFI weekend line-up. Hendrie’s new show will be heard live and local, 7-10PM, only on KFI AM 640. Wayne Resnick moves his show to Sunday nights permanently filling the former “rotating guest host” slot, 7-10.

Monday through Friday noon-2 talker, Bill Carroll, will take weekends off as Frost Stilwell now takes over Sunday afternoons from 4-7.

Phil Hendrie was on KFI AM 640 from 1996 to 2005. Hendrie also hosts a nationally syndicated show heard Monday through Friday on KFI’s sister station, KTLK AM 1150.

KFI is the highest rated news/talk station in Los Angeles.

.......uploaded, and are now available for direct download! Cheers,


Tonight we brought on the show Professor Emory Clayton of LA Canyon College to explain the Four Lokko controversy. This alcohol/caffeine drink has swept American campuses with some tragic results. Students have been hospitalized with alcohol poisoning due to the highly caffeinated drink delaying the effect of alcohol intoxication. One young man shot himself after a night of drinking Four Lokko. Professor Clayton tells Phil and his listeners that its clear the government needs to step in "and step on these entrepreneurial exercises that target our young people without regard to health or safety." He went on to descibe his experimentation with Four Lokko. "I drank a couple before a teacher/student conference with a young lady not feeling I'd be in danger since my students drink them and know the effects. Well I became intoxicated to the point of feeling God-like, as if I had power over all living things on earth." When told he shouldn't have been drinking before the conference, Professor Clayton said "I usually drink a Johnny Walker Blue with a water back before all my conferences so this shouldn't have been any big deal."

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