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First out of the gate tonight was Steve Bosell from Corona, California whose errant golf shot into a tract of homes caused friend Roy Hutchins to exclaim "Those poor, innocent people!" This remark, plus Mr. Hutchins subsequent mimicking of a little girl getting hit with a golf ball, messed with Mr. Bosell's mind. He blew the rest of the golf game and lost $500. After the match, he got drunk in the clubhouse and upon returning home, after being asked by his son how his game went, smacked his son. Bosell claimed the kid asked him the question "with a wink and a smile."

Following that hour of joy we had Justin McElroy on. The high school junior wants to complete a Mass Media assignment by filming a riot at Walmart on Black Friday "because that's how Geraldo Rivera got his start although I'm not Puerto Rican." They had videoed so-called bum-fights until the school threatened them with suspension. Now, Justin and his pals plan on provokling the Walmart riot by pushing against people and putting up signs that say "crazy, dirty deals on Blu Ray players, $30! Plus they got plenty of that good, cheap Chinese stuff."

...you missed another history making moment..Jeff Dowder's pitch to get DNA from the Shroud of Turin and clone Jesus...

"How do you tell Jesus he not smoke no owl. He Jesus. He do what he want."--Dowder

Wednesday, October 27, 1999
"Get Me a Cup of Coffee!!" Larry Grover says that when you're in a professional place of business, it's customary for the receptionist to bring you coffee. Larry says that it's the least they can do considering they will be automated out of a job in five years

Wednesday, October 27, 1999
"The Jesus Clone" Jeff has this wacky idea that if you use the DNA from the blood of Jesus that's on the "Sheet of Turin" you can clone him! More than likely the clone with have some "Jesus-like" powers and if you don't believe in him, God might put a lig

Wednesday, January 5, 2000
"Lucy Loves Me" Lloyd Bonifide wants to know "What ever happened to customer service?" after he caught a stripper named Lucy giving a table dance to another man.

Monday, January 17, 2000
"Looney Tunes Blows" Gay journalist Doug Danger criticizes the voice actors who have taken over Mel Blanc's "Looney Tunes" characters.

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