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Kim Jung-un and generals with big hats

Brass Villenueva,founder and leader of Los Malos, talked about the recent police problems in Missouri, saying he is so out of the loop on Hispanic and minority issues because of his easy upbringing he might as well not go to Missouri because he wouldn't know what anyone was talking about anyway...

Herb Sewell was going to discuss missing North Korea leader Kim Jung-un but was bounced after Margaret walked off the show..

Bobbie Dooley was about to discuss Microsofts CEO making stupid comments about women and raises when Phil walked off the show. 

Margaret took over but the crew drowned her out with bumper music and the show ended

FBI wanted notice for William Bradford Bishop, showing computer aging

Our apologies..there are two video files today..parts one and two if you like.. The stream was most likely inadvertantly shut off due to human error but was restarted. Hope its not too much of an inconvenience...

The story of William Bradford Bishop, a US government employee who killed his entire family in the 70's and then disappeared was discussed by Phil and the crew. The John List case also came up and the whole thing weirded Bud out

Dr. Jim Sadler introduced a new term into the Ebola discussion..Bebola..thats Ebola when its been diagnosed but isn't yet in the critical stages..Sadler also very unfortunately mentioned moisturizing his lips to make it easier to speak and that took the conversation the wrong way as well....

David G. Hall talked with Phil about his new BSP only Saturday show focusing more on Phil and less on the performance end of the show....whatever that means...

Chris Norton is angered that the famed nightclub Chippendale's won't hire him as a dancer because he's "too hot." Chris demands a "Chris Norton Night" at the club. From October 2000.

Get ready world for The World of Phil Hendrie live and onstage...next stop, the Ontario Improv in Ontario, CA on Oct 29th....tickets on sale now!


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The panel discussed California's drought with the building of a desalination plant being what everyone thought was a good solution. Except Bud didn't know what one was.

Art Griego talked about the MLB championship series' coming up and the relative importance of the cities involved.

Ted Bell got lost in a discussion of, yet again, the slogan "We want to put our meat in your mouth.."

Run, don't walk, to the closest laughstub or Improv and get your tickets...your very own tickets....to "The World of Phil Hendrie: Truth Is Our Bitch" October 29 at the Ontario Improv

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