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                           The bishenes' 'spearience....

BSP's don't forget the BSP Only Saturday show tomorrow.....

Harvey Weirman believes OJ needs closure so he recommends people go to a website to buy his stuff and help him settle some outstanding debts. From July 2000.


Click here to listen now!

                                  Trying to make music out of "28 Days Later"

Margaret Grey really carved it a new ass trying to add lyrics to the theme from "28 Days Later" as she practiced for the One Man Show July 30 at the Hollywood Improv. Dean Wheeler joined the program as he was soaking in a "re-nutritioning" bath. Dean mentioned his religion, "The Wonderful World of Cong" and its rivalry with "Elcott-The Next Step" and that both will be celebrating the Autumn Solstice in the same area; "Elcott" at the Mill Valley Holiday Inn and "Cong" at the Convention Center.

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J. Kevin Coppner draws the winner between 8:30 and 9am 

Margaret and Bud got into another dust up about where the claw from the alien egg in 'Alien' should have landed instead of on John Hurt's face. (Hint: Buds crotch or one of Margaret's breasts) 

Harvey Weirman came on to discuss the four panel members and how much more money they're going to need to do a Saturday show. Plus the General wants a personal assistant in case he can't get out of the bathroom because of a jammed door.

Phil discussed having the blues every day at 4 pm and then played "Memory Pain" by Johnny Winter. Pastor William Rennick joined the program and reminisced about marrying Clara and dancing to Rick James' "Give it to me."

Jeff Dowdder also guested...

Tomorrow, we draw for the winner of our VIP package to Phil's July 30 sold out Hollywood Improv show!

With a BSP you now get the BSP Only Saturday Show....so go grab a handful of that, friend....

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