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General Shaw guest hosts and discusses the new Star Wars trailer for the forthcoming "The Final Awakening" and what he'd like to do to the "four eyes and crack-scratchers" that go see it.


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It's Sports Talk with Steve and Bud, as they recap Thanksgiving in the NFL and try to pronounce "Amarillo" and "Abilene".


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The Bobbie Dooley Thanksgiving Marathon, includes such classics as The Clothes-A-Thon, Peer Pressure, Mothers With Sons, Justin's Grad Party, Turn Off The AC, and Mock Kidnapping! Originally aired November 2002.


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Bobbie and Steve Dooley, as leaders of their Homeowner Association, take down a Jewish family's blue and white Hanukkah lights and demand they put up "more festive" multicolored ones. From November 2000.


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