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                              Waterman Segal's Portrait of Commandant Weirman

On the show briefly this morning was Jay Santos of the Citizens Auxiliary Police to talk about riot control. He was sidetracked trying to order some kind of a breakfast sandwich that kept coming back with not enough bacon on it.

RC Collins checked in from an auction at Bradley Military Academy where he was bidding on an ol painting by "the master Waterman Segal" of Commandant Weirman, 

Phil Tonight At The Irvine Improv. If You're Going, See You There. If You're Not, Man I Feel Sorry For You

                                                     Starting some shit

Discussion continued of Ray Rice with Margaret saying that basically the NFL averted a female armageddon by dealing harshly with Rice. "Don't underestimate the power of women to start some shit, p[ardon my vulgarity," said Margaret

Harvey Weirman was interviewed regarding  any possibility Rice will play pro ball again()No) and he commented briefly on net neutrality but eventually got pissed and hung up...

Tomorrow night is the night for The World of Phil Hendrie, the Irvine Improv. Grab a ticket and Travel the World

                Was Frank Margaret's 'naked prey" one night?

Phil and the gang were back in sudio after Bobbie's show, a show that everyone agreed was "bad" and they brought Bobbie on later to explain that. 

In the meantime, it was the Ray Rice video with Margaret and Frank Grey talking about a night both would like to forget. 

Vernon Dozier was in rare form discussing the Atlanta Hawks and the perception their fans may need to go home to their MA-MA's.

Thursday night it's The World of Phil Hendrie pulling into the Irvine Improv and it ain't stopping for shit...tickets here!

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