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                                   Lurking around the barnyard

The show started with the panel chastising Phil for the music he currently plays because it "jars the nerves" and offends Phil's "elderly classic rock fan listeners." Bud and the General were uspet with the sharp pronounciations of Margarets speech and thought she sounded like she had Tourette's. Phil talked once again about why he likes hip hop. "There is nothing in this world more un-PC than hip-hop and I would think conservatives who bitch about the so-called PC world would be all over that."

Margaret and the crew talked about the possibility of a woman being attacked while getting eggs out of a hen house....Margaret mentioned a "large, lurking thing in a hoodie" near the barnyard...

Phil discussed his nose and the fact its the only good-looking thing on his face....out came the Hendrie Home Movies off of the website and film clips of Phil's mom and dad and their noses....

Then came a whole half hour of ripping web site developers and how clueless they are....

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                      Sterling forced to go underground for his women by Shelley

More devil metal kicked off the show, more savage and impossible music began the show...with Margaret trying to be heard over it until she finally uttered the phrase "I shit you out..."

Phil went into a history of the Phil Hendrie Show website, the various site redesigns and software changes...General Shaw talked about trying to listen to some media on the Phil site and how it sounded like a big mismatch of noise until "I was able to zero in on it. I said to Bud 'what was the garbage" and Bud said 'its the Phil Hendrie Show' and I said 'oh okay.'"

Bob Green came on the program to again defend Donald Sterling who called his wife Rochelle a "pig' in court during a hearing to detrmine Sterling's mental competence. Bob said Sterling was driven by Rochelle Sterling's meddling to go underground to look for women and had to settle for "this Stiviano like he was waiting in an alley for it, threw a few dollars it's way and then went into a back room with a filthy mattress, held his nose and went ahead and did it."

Jeff Dowdder came on the show to comment on Phil's website design. General Shaw wound up going through the phone and "dealing with Dowdder"

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                                           Top of the mornin' to ya'

The Show (from this point to be capitalized) started with a review of House of Pain ("They're not Irish, they're Serbian") and the Dr. Ed Elcott Show that filled in on Tuesday. "He looks like some real creep to me, creeping around all over the place." 

Phil talked about the hate mail he's gotten over his opinion of the Opie and Anthony situation. "If you hate me the best solution to that problem is to stop listening to me." News flash.... Phil remembered his days in Minneapolis when a local columnist thought he was a racist for doing an "urban black voice."

Here are today's qualifiers for a shot at the Phil Hendrie VIP package for July 30: JoeyInTucson, DebbyHelf, BoscoH, SusanMaxwell, and JimSunrise.

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