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                                       Dumb ass sets himself on fire

The new online YouTube fad of "Fire Challenge" is discussed with Coach Vernon Dozier saying the only real way to prove yourself is to stand there and burn while reading the Gettysburgh Address. Not light yourself on fire and then run and jump into a pool...

The Ebola outbreak and the ways it can be transmitted was addressed by Dr. Jim Sadler. He was reluctant to at first though unless he was given his due as a doctor and therefore a member of the only profession that could help the human race with the disease. So he wanted some expressions of gratitude from the crew before he would answer questions...

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Doug Dannger, gay man and gay journalist, is setting people "straight" about their marriages with a book called "Tough Love." From August 2003.


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               An imp, what Margaret says directs Phil's destiny

Hello. Todays podcast had Jeff Dowdder attempting to explain the origins of American music while watching a freeway chase on TV and directing Toby Beau on what kind of bacon he wants for breakfast...

Father James McQuarters talked about pre-destination and whether Phil's comfort level on stage means he was "destined" to be there rather than radio. The discussion then got around to the topic of "pa-GAN" worship.....

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