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Coach Vernon Dozier, having just read about heat exhaustion amongst football players, expressed the opinion that he would "go gay for a night" if he could be like his predecessor, who had 100 kids die from heat exhaustion over 20 seasons. From August 2001.


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                            What Margaret "spoon-fed into the face of The Delmonico"

The crew talked about the latest fad phrase "What he said." Phil said he got to the point of wanting to stick a spear in anyone saying "Just sayin.'" 

Discussed also was the horrid news from the Middle East and Ferguson which somehow led to an analysis of baby food, "pablums" and other things a terrorist's head might look like after taking a basedball bat to it

Guesting was Professor Emory Clayton ion Ferguson and Bobbie Dooley on her Dr. Drew interview. Jerry Markham, the mimbling lawyer from Austin has been rescheduled.

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Guest Austin attorney Jerry Markham, who recently had surgery on his tongue, joined the show to discuss Rick Perry's plight in Texas.

Larry Grover was also on to talk with the panel about Ferguson but got sidetracked by seeing a priest on TV that "looked like Stephen Colbert."

That was followed by Margaret carving up "Reach Out And Touch Somebody's Hand." 

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Gay man and gay journalist" Doug Dannger wants specific "gay access" to his cellphone or he's holding back certain information he thinks his readers "should know". From August 2000.


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