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Steve Bosell's dog crapped on him. It looks like lawsuit time against his neighbor Roy Hutchins for laughing at him and of course the dog, for the initial crapping. And of course, Steve needs to evict the dog from its doghouse. From July 2001.

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                                           Ms. Bobbie Dooley

Bobbie Dooley guest hosted the Phil Hendrie Show this morning.... with her was her husband Steve and they brought on the show Professor Emory Clayton to get his "stamp of approval" on a hip hop track Steve is contemplating having to do with eredctile dysfunction. Also Bobbies nephew Justin MacElroy was on the program complaining about another slut his mother, Bobbie's sister Jeannie, is hanging around with. Bobbie's brother-in-law Raff, a dentist with a side business doing unnecessary extractions, also called in. 

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Margaret Grey performs tonight (Saturday) at Claude's Fish Hut on Venice Beach

                                   Lurking around the barnyard

The show started with the panel chastising Phil for the music he currently plays because it "jars the nerves" and offends Phil's "elderly classic rock fan listeners." Bud and the General were uspet with the sharp pronounciations of Margarets speech and thought she sounded like she had Tourette's. Phil talked once again about why he likes hip hop. "There is nothing in this world more un-PC than hip-hop and I would think conservatives who bitch about the so-called PC world would be all over that."

Margaret and the crew talked about the possibility of a woman being attacked while getting eggs out of a hen house....Margaret mentioned a "large, lurking thing in a hoodie" near the barnyard...

Phil discussed his nose and the fact its the only good-looking thing on his face....out came the Hendrie Home Movies off of the website and film clips of Phil's mom and dad and their noses....

Then came a whole half hour of ripping web site developers and how clueless they are....

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