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.......for a shot at VIP seats and more July 30th. Guess whether or not Phil is wearing pants and be in the running! "The World of Phil Hendrie: Truth Is Our Bitch" is sold-out but a lucky BSP can still be there, ring-damn-side! 

                  A guy in his "underwear"

On todays show, General Shaw had to "walk it off" early (basically he got pissed at something said and walked away from the studio) and in the process needed to shift his penis from one side to the other.

Larry Grover and Chris Norton traded observations on Americas's new sexual conservatism, Larry talking about the cleansers he keeps handy and Chris Norton on his irresistability.

Vernon Dozier, talking about Hurricane Arthur, remebered spitting at Hurricane Katrina as he was driving out of New Orleans and telling it to "kiss my ass." 

During the BSP pre-show, Phil gave away an opportunity to be in the drawing for a VIP package to Phil's July 30 to KingKapp from Carson City, Nevada. He was the next caller after SeventhStranger incorrectly guessed that Phil was not wearing pants. Phil was, in fact, wearing pants...

...win a chance to see Phil VIP-style, July 30 at the Hollywood Improv. This bitch, it's sold-out. So this is your only chance if you missed tix this trip.... call 855-500-7445 at 8:30am PDT

Bob Green, CEO of Frazier Foods is excited about his Manager/Employee Relations Seminar that will help bring employees to a greater understanding of what managers are up against. He tells Phil that one listens with they're ears, not their eyes, so it doesn't matter that during a recent job evaluation interview he was looking at a female employees breasts and "butt." He was still listening to her, so what's the big deal?

Phil and the panel had Bob Green on the program to discuss the "Show you the corn" controversy that got him in trouble with a few female shoppers. Currently there is a vegetable thats made the Filth File, Knob Onions. And Green has run afoul again....

The backstage Pass...now more than ever before...get one and access our archives...before its too late....

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