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                                   Berman and someone bigger than him

Phil talked about the sorry state of Raliegh, North Carolina, according to one of the listeners, and how it continues to sink further and further into a morass of mind-numbing dullness. Don Berman, channel 19 news anchor, discussed the CNN team of John Berman (no relation) and a rather large, female co-anchor and how it doesn't come off well for Berman since he looks smaller and like he's 12. General Gaylan Shaw walked us through the history of the very obvious bowl-harcuts worn by Korea's leaders, Justin MacElroy broke a friends anonymity by naming him as a person who tried to hack into some security systems surrounding a civil disturbance over the weekend.....even though he kept trying not to.... and Art Griego talked about his part in trying to locate the Dolby brothers near Catalina in 1988 only to identify two department store mannequins, one wearing high heels

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