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Jay Santos of the Citizens Auxiliary Police is shocked to hear his son say he's afraid of Santa Claus because he looks like Osama Bin Laden. That's all Jay needs to hear. He goes on full alert. From December 2001.


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Phil is leading a casting call today for...well, we can't say, but that means it's time for another "Best Of" for today's podcast.

The show starts with discussion of the Ray Rice video, which leads Margaret and Frank Grey to talk about a night both would like to forget. Then Harvey Weirman was interviewed regarding any possibility Rice will play pro ball again, and he commented briefly on net neutrality, but eventually got pissed and hung up...

After that, Vernon Dozier was in rare form discussing the Atlanta Hawks and the perception their fans may need to go home to their MA-MA's.

On the show briefly this morning was Jay Santos of the Citizens Auxiliary Police to talk about riot control. He was sidetracked trying to order some kind of a breakfast sandwich that kept coming back with not enough bacon on it.

Closing the show is "I Remember Hollywood" with Frank Grey, as he gender-confuses his way through early Hollywood memories of agents, producers, and actors.


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August Selsen in police custody after an unfortunate incident

What's your freak? Are you kink? What kink is you....well anyway, it's time once again for "The August Selsen Sexual Exploration Hour." In this episode, in light of the Gian Gomeshi story, August and "Lady Beth" explain how to do the BDSM kink properly. Hint: Always have a fire ax at the ready!

Did you know the new Jay Santos "Citizens Auxiliary Police" T-shirts are in the on-line store NOW?! In time for Christmas. Do all your holiday shopping.......all of it....at the Phil Hendrie Show On-Line Store...Click Here!

Bob Green tells people that even though a chicken head was found in a box of fried chicken, they MUST continue to support big business and fast food. From December 2000.


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Phil gave the crew the morning off as rain was falling in Southern California and power outages were afoot. In fact power was lost multiple times during the show but we were been able to save this charming pit o' Phil life as he retells a story of raging flood waters and being late for din-din in 1950's California...

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