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The legendary Colleen Kristin Brewster joins Phil to discuss a recall of the diet drink Slimfast and how "people can survive it." From August 2000.


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The crew this morning remembered Joan Rivers along with Don Berman from channel 19 news and gay man and gay journalist Doug Dannger. 

Berman admitted to hanging up on Rivers herself when he heard her late night show bombed but then tried calling her back when she got nominated for an Emmy but she didn't take his call. Berman also talked about how he was under the impression Joe Garagiola was a front runner to replace Carson even though he was about the same age as Carson...

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Jim Sadler giving Margaret shit seconds before she came through the phone on him

A video of a man discussing his sexual orientation with right-wing, fundamentalist family members was discussed by the panel. Bobbie and Steve Dooley came on to side with the man, Daniel Pierce, because, they said, they couldn't "hold with people who sounded that Southern...who had the twang." 

Phil walked off the show again, briefly, after a variety of attempts at humor by the crew fell flat. 

Dr. Jim Sadler's appearance regarding Ebola was also destroyed when General Shaw figured out that a music bed introing the doctor was a set up bit. Margaret went through the phone on Sadler after he called her a "big, fat dyke."

It is now one week...just one week...from Phil's appearance at the Irvine Improv....You had best get a saddlebag full of tickets before you go crying to your MA-MA that you got shut out....k?

It's Art Griego from August 2005 in a real classic about Art flying a charter and boldly showing the movie "Castaway," which features a massive airliner crash into the Pacific Ocean.


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