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                Poipu Beach

Today Phil kicked Margaret out of the studio till she gargled and got her voice ready to do the show. He said her pipes have been scratchy and harsh over the last few days.

Ted Bell came on to discuss his wife's relatives tearung it up at his restaurant and getting ready to spend next week at his house on "Poipu Point in Poipu on Poopoo Street."

Dr. Jim Sadler joined the show to once again discuss Ebola but got into another hassle about respect with the crew....

Larry Grover came on to talk about the nations border security but was so engrossed in listening to his favorite song "Return of the Mack" that Phil hung up on him

                                   Don Anthony's Morning Show Boot Camp

Phil got read the riot act by the crew and David G. Hall so he doesn't go into the panel discussion he has Friday ready to rip people's asses. Hall gave Phil a list of heavy-hitters in radio that he doesn't want insulted, including Guy Gabidnik at Grab Bag Entertainment and Grey Gabnag at Gabnag Communications. Obviously this didn't go well...  The rest of the crew warned Phil not to screw things up for other people at the conference and to "act like a man and not dare say one bad thing about the business...." 

Friday Phil will be in Chicago joining WGN personality Turi Ryder on a panel at Don Anthony's Morning Show Boot Camp.

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                                       Dumb ass sets himself on fire

The new online YouTube fad of "Fire Challenge" is discussed with Coach Vernon Dozier saying the only real way to prove yourself is to stand there and burn while reading the Gettysburgh Address. Not light yourself on fire and then run and jump into a pool...

The Ebola outbreak and the ways it can be transmitted was addressed by Dr. Jim Sadler. He was reluctant to at first though unless he was given his due as a doctor and therefore a member of the only profession that could help the human race with the disease. So he wanted some expressions of gratitude from the crew before he would answer questions...

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