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Ted Bell from Ted's of Beverly Hills has another slogan causing him problems: "Ted's just had his sausage smoked." Jay Santos of the Citizens Auxiliary Police has been busy following lone cars at night on the freeway to see how nervous the drivers get. And Doug Dannger pulls out his "Gay Thumb" rating system for current movies.


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Colleen Kristin Brewster seemingly visits the show for the first time in 15 years...but all is not as it appears. Steve Bosell also goes down memory lane with Phil and the gang. Bad idea.


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It was part suckage, part sentimental with a few calls from WCCO friends and a bar band dedicating one to Phil as he signed off from 'CCO and got ready to head south for Miami

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Bobbie Dooley becomes concerned after she discovers some of her son's "artwork." She decides to quit eating bananas in front of him, among other things. From March 2000.


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