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Tom Cattan from "The Health Wagon" brings a selection of drinks from "Daisy Brown's Juicery" for the crew. One problem: Daisy is just now getting her sea legs after spending some time in a "locked facility".


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Dean Wheeler says wives can vastly improve their health by letting go and forgiving their husbands for cheating. From January 2003.


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David G. Hall's plan to do a show with a plot, dramatic twists, and a cool ending winds up sucking so bad that Hall has to call it off.


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Phil welcomes on Steve Bosell live in studio to talk about his new reality show "Here He Comes, Here Comes Steve Bosell" on the "Fandango" network, owned by the Fandango brothers, one of whom is a PTSD-affected Vietnam veteran. It's all real weird and Steve gets into all of it. Special appearance by Beans Halberstam.


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