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               An imp, what Margaret says directs Phil's destiny

Hello. Todays podcast had Jeff Dowdder attempting to explain the origins of American music while watching a freeway chase on TV and directing Toby Beau on what kind of bacon he wants for breakfast...

Father James McQuarters talked about pre-destination and whether Phil's comfort level on stage means he was "destined" to be there rather than radio. The discussion then got around to the topic of "pa-GAN" worship.....

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Larry Grover is featured in the original "good, clean, pure sex" bit which Phil has currently worked into the one-man show. From August 2002.


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    Wiff Bailey goes out the second floor window of the Wheelers house

Phil and the gang had Dean Wheeler on, live from the 'Eggs, Pork and You' in Palos Verdes to talk about his alleged killing of Wiff Bailey, the Elcott tracker that attached tracking wires to Emerelda's v*****.  Dean claims that Bailey is alive and well and that Elcott-The Next Step is a big joke concocted by Ed Elcott for his private amusement. 

Phil and the guys also did a post-mortem on the Improv show, with Phil revealing that Pasor Rennick and Vernon Dozier will be worked into the Irive show. Get youir tickets now for Phil at the Irvine Improv, September 11! Or let no one come back alive!

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