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             Margaret felt a hand going up her thgh as she listened to this band

Father James McQuarters was our in studio visitor this morning. He discussed with us at one point exorcism and his encounter with a "kid that was faking it. I stood over him and began the incantations and so forth and the kid reached up, just like Linda Blair did in that G.d. movie, and grabbed a hold of my nut sack." Dr. Jim Sadler discussed 'body dysmorphia' which is a condition people with anorexia have; that is seeing a body shape that isn't there. At that moment a colleague of Dr. Sadler's walked by and asked Sadler if he had "body dysmorphia of the dick." Sadler, as usual, hung up with his feelings hurt. Margaret Grey joined Bobbie Dooley for the Bobbie Dooley Podcast and discussed the "demonism of some of the music that Phil plays." They concluded that kids aren't at risk, just the parents. Margaret in fact smoked a joint with Frank years ago in a parked car while listening to Venom and felt a phantom demon hand "crawling up my inner thigh to the crotch of my panty-girdle."

        Frank was dressed this way when Margaret assaulted him from behind

Phil almost loses his shit at the beginning of the show worrying about whether the live feed is up. Then they clear the air about a joke Phil made concerning a "little man, a pixie fucking up the equipment overnight." Turns out Margaret and Frank went to a costume party one night with Margaret dressed as Thomas Jefferson and Frank dressed as a pixie and once they got home Margaret tried to assault Frank from behind with a strap-on.They also had a discussion about how the police detective evolved, Phil explaining that there were "runners," or guys that would, for a price go and get something that had been stolen. The General and Bud couldn't fathom anyone wanting to pay money to get their pig back. Jeff Dowdder memorialized Hobie Alter and talked about the "short sticks" that he uses, "The Waverly, Rip Teen, the Goon Stick and Goon Unlimited." Phil then talked about the development of the Hobie Cat sailboat. 

Bob Green is eyeballing what your kids are buying in his store and, you'll be happy to know, if any of it is sex-related, like say Wesson Oil, he'll start in with the third degree.... Episode 347 and that ain't no lie

                                                  Margaret's Big Mouth

Lots of earthquake talk at the beginning of the show. Margaret Grey brought on her husband Frank to challenge General Shaw's insolence but all it did was bond the two men together against her "big bazoo" as Frank calls Margaret's big mouth. General Shaw also was angry at what he saw as Malaysian incompetence. "I wanna go down there and knock their tiny little heads together." Dr. Ron Tarner let it slip that he has remarried and he had a meltdown over the fact he now will not receive spousal support money from his ex-wife.... 

A bunch of other stuff...

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