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Phil and the panel have Larry Grover on the show as he tries to relate just how good things are going to be with the Republicans in charge. And Art Griego tells a bizarre story about some friends of his that attempted an actual trip to the moon...


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Available in audio and video formats including the pre-show....

Bobbie Dooley requires that the Western Estates flag fly higher on the flag pole than the American flag AND that "Hail to the Chief" be played every time she walks into a room. From October 2001.


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Jeff Gordon goes after Brad Keselowski in Tejas

Phil went off on a restaurant in Corona Del Mar, California in the show and the pre-show like he had a piece of the Gordon-Keselowski brawl that took place in Texas this past weekend...Margaret was offended by the term "door banging," by the way

Dr. Ron Tarner came on to discuss the Virgin Galactic disaster....

Lots more from our Monday Podcast and all the podcasts and shows...get a BSP and hear them, all, going back almost 20 years....

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