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"Two universes touched at one point 13 billion years ago creating an explosion that then created us and our universe. At some point in the future, once our universe expands to a certaim point, as it is racing to do now, it will touch another universe creating an explosion that creates some other universe. And then that's someone else's problem. Capice? Now I can't make it any simpler than that. And by the by, Neil Tyson whatever-your-mom can kiss the same ass cheek Hawking's gonna kiss."

                                             Angus Houston...not McGee

Phil ranted about Facebook and the degenerates that use it...then Art Griego returned with more on the search for Malaysia Air 370 and the fact that he finally got the guys name right that's running the search, Angus Houston, but was still losing his notes in his wife's grocery list, at one point screaming 'I'll get your tampons when I'm done here' when the line suddenly went dead...Speaking of that, Margaret chalked up her 'heavy flow' as the reason she and Bobbie got into it while discussing a high school teacher's suspension in Santa Monica for wrestling a student he thought was a threat to the floor. Clara Bingham and Pastor Rennick took opposite sides of the debate on a family rescused from their sailboat during a round the world trip because of a sick child....10,000 hours of the worlds greatest show's audio and video await you with a BSP

                 Mickey Rooney in "Quicksand" at 12 noon on PhilTV

Rudy steps over the line with Margaret by giving her the La-La-La with an extra "Yeaaa" that sounds rude enough to prompt a call from Frank....Phil talks about featuring "Quicksand" with Mickey "Roo-NEE" (as Margaret pronounces it) Phil loses it with Bud and makes him cry. He has to apologize...The crew also thinks Mickey Rooney played one of the flying monkeys in "The Wizard of Oz." Art Griego can't remember the name of the Flight 370 recovery spokesman so decides to call him "Angus McGee." He also loses his notes and starts reading from his wife's grocery list. General Shaw is hard pressed to explain why a member of the Australian Navy, who was on the tube last night talking about Flight 370, would wear camouflage....Margaret sees Kirstie Alley on a weight loss commercial and is stunned. "Look at her ass. I could cry for her." Get 10,000 hours of classic Phil Hendrie Show audio plus videocast archives, classic podcasts and other exclusive content by becomeing a Backstage Pass subscriber....HERE!

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