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Starting Monday morning April 21, during the videocast pre-show between 8:30 and 9am, just like B&B Construction, we'll keep coming at you....with an iPad a Day Giveaway to our All Access BSP's. No, you're not seeing things from too much "spinking." We'll giveaway one iPad a morning during the videocast pre-show to an All Access BSP. It's Customer Appreciation AND Customer Appreciation..kind of a B&B of contests...

If you're not an All Access BSP, nows the time to grab one and the chance to wiin an iPad...its all from The Cheapest Creeps On The Web...The Phil Hendrie Show!!

   What Jay Santos recommends to the people of Ukraine if the Russians  make their move

Well that was bullshit because neither Dr. Ron Tarner or this Will Garbarini ever showed up on the show for which Phil and the crew will pay dearly tomorrow morning.... Phil was rolling Ukrainian TV and doing voice-over which made for a pretty funny pre-show but only on the videocast. Later General Shaw began discussing the military situation there but it became apparent he was irritable and argumentative and it was then that he copped to the fact he'd taken a handful of dexedrine before coming on the show...Jay Santos of the CAP advised the citizens of the Ukraine to avoid contact with the military operation. Open the door if need be to the troops, turn your back, hold aloft a jar of lube and have your belt buckle loosened... Dr. Jim Sadler had a touch of the flu and so was bathing as he talked with Phil and the crew about e-cigartette restrictions, partially blaming it on Phil opening his yap about watching a friend "blowing reefer" in a restaurant.... Vernon Dozier had his usual meltdowm over guys needing their "MA-MA's" this time over a report that young fathers can suffer from post-partum depression as well as mothers... The Bobbie Dooley Podcast featured another beating of Steve, at the hands of  Gene Wiffner for stepping to Gene in a power play...

             Parrots are the only ones that understand "Polly want a cracker"

Phil had Larry Grover and Steve Bosell on to talk about the Ukraine and the explosive situation there while Steve also mentioned that he had gotten a new mynah bird and was taking it out "for a walk." He was teaching it to say "Polly want a cracker" but Bud said that only parrots know how to say that. Larry Grover was giving Steve endless amounts of shit until Steve got him good by reminding him that his own mother calls him 'missile dick." Don Berman and Margaret discussed the George Polk Award being given to two reporters that broke the Edward Snowden NSA files. Berman said that he's given his life to journalism and there he sits with a lap top on his knees at the garden equipment expo and meanwhile some guy 'with a backpack on is being hailed as the next Nellie Bly." Margaret described the over-modulated download of Fridays show as "someone taking a dump into the RSS feed and labeling it 'The Phil Hendrie Show.'"

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