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                                              A young Drake on the verge of wealth

Phil and the gang talked about Drake and all the money he has...As Phil chastised Margaret again for belching on the air she made note of the fact his "right hand doesn't look as if its supported properly by his wrist" when he speaks. (Meaning limp-wristed) Back to Drake and hip-hop in general, Phil talked about all the money those guys have including Jay Z at 500 million and the all-time champ, Dr. Dre, at 3 billion after selling his headphone company.

Another sidetrack conversation had to do with "beating off" and Pil's alleged "beat off" hand motion. A Steve Dooley hip-hop project was also talked about, "I cuddle like a motherfucker...."

Phil and the General got into talking about the show Air Disasters on the Smithsonian Channel which led to a discussion of how you land a plane when you're dead

Tomorrow check out our first ever BSP Only Saturday Show.....and if you don't have a BSP,  you're a mess. Grab one now!

Phil and the crew discussed the passing of blues legend Johnny Winter and played some of his music. General Shaw demonstrated what he thought "blues ukelele" would sound like and Jeff Dowdder checked in from Mr Poo's previewing a song called "Darkness at Sunrise Blues." Also other attendant bullshit...

Say friends, if you don't have a subscription to the Phil Hendrie website, a BSP as it were (either the all-access or audio-only) you're carving it up and not even leaving enough for the village. You are taking whatever money you have and rubbing it on a hobo's *****! Why...when you can over 10,000 hours of full classic shows and podcasts from one of the acknowledged giants of the comedy world (remember if you say it enough it's true!) as well as live PhilTV transmission of every show and PhilTGV and video archives as well... Not having a BSP is waving the white flag of surrender to the forces of No Brian.

"Don't do it, Barnes. Don't do it. Ten years for killing an enlisted man. You'll be climbing the f****** walls!"--Platoon

          A luau, the type down the street from the Dooley's that had a pig cooking

The Show featured Don Berman and Larry Grover debating Phil on the topic of violence in the black community and a newsman in New Jersey who is the latest white man to weigh in on its causes. Berman was talking to Phil from Marcy's Gym in Los Angeles and was doing his "curls" when he decided to do one last one and herniated something. The line went dead as Don was asking someone to reach down into his jock strap for some reason. 

Bobbie Dooley joined the program to discuss further her husband Steve's project of doing a hip hop song that celebrates cuddling and speaks openly of his dysfunction when pork is being cooked. In fact just the other night a couple down the street was having their annual luau barbecue and it was no-can-do for Steve...

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