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Larry Grover can't stand watching his mother eat a three minute egg

Jackson Armstrong tries his hand at sports reporting but gets thrown off the air after he won't stop asking what's supposed to be a rhetorical question..

Larry Grover can't figure out net neutrality as he's distracted by "mother" eating her 3 minute egg....

Phil talks China

Still a piece of shit

Phil and the crew interview drug dealer Caliph Antamaia, by way of Skype, about his testifying before a variety of Grand Juries and the new property he's looking at, complete with a rain forest and tropical birds that help to "relax" him after so many years on the run from rival gangs and cops....

Phil weighs in on Michael Vick, "potentially a great player but still a piece of shit."

                     Click here to listen now!

Phil's life story continues on today's BSP-Only show! Phil's brother Darragh joins the Navy but not before getting appendicitis and almost dying while Mom and Dad are down Mexico way catching sailfish!


Click here to listen now!

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