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Steve Dooley, a participant last year in Dean Wheeler's Man Camp.... now accepting applicants for summer '14

........ for the audio quality on today's podcast. We had a technical issue that has since been corrected 

                              Monkey's aren't cute anymore

Phil saw a story that was headlined "Ape Escapes" and launches into a commentary on how monkeys are no longer cute, no longer festive. Monkeys are viscious and one should not "pet or rub a monkey." Margaret saw that comment as clearly a sexual double entendre and got "a fellow female" on to comment on it, Debbie Daly, the only radio show host who is also hearing and speech impaired. (Debbie Daly's 'Daly's Daily' show is heard on public radio stations across the country) Margaret, Phil and the General tried to figure out if a "ping" was picked up or not yesterday. Margaret got frustrated and told everyone else in the studio to go knock on the gate to Devil Town where they'll get "their hand singed." Pings were discussed and the location of them and Phil tried to get on someone to demonstrate how sound carries underwater. They finally got a hold of Dean Wheeler who was taking a bath. But then couldn't reach him back when he didn't answer....The Bobbie Podcast covered this weekends "Spring Opening" and wound up breaking Gene Wiffners nose...Also the pre-show talks about when it is acceptabl;e for white people to use the N word...

                                   Bill: "He'd slit your throat for a farthing

Speech impediments were the order of the day on this mornings show. Another Phil Phlip Out as well, this time on what a bunch of stumble-bums they have at CNN and Fox on the handling of this school stabbing story. Phil said that they're all making it worse and they all blow cow. Later on Art Griego gave his morning report on Malaysia Air Flight 370 while Phil was dealing with General Shaw's voice cracking again and "squeeking out." Jay Santos talked about the recovery of a kidnap victim by the elite FBI Hostage Rescue Team. Jay got excited about what he said was an operation where FBI people "swooped in and swooped up the guy and then swooped out again." Meanwhile Jay almost strangled to death on his inability to pronounce the letter "L." And Reverend Dave Castorini came on the show to talk about same sex marriage but because he apparently had not taken his Adderal his speech started to "Fudd," or sound like Elmer Fudd. Get a BSP and quit throwing your money into a toilet everyday...

.....Not my nephew, Robert. If I left it up to him my yard'd look like Godzilla's home island.---Mavis Leonard

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