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Bob Green of Frazier Foods feels insulted by one of his checkers who continually calls Bob's "hair system" a toupee. From July 2005.

Click here to listen now!

                  David G. Hall's nieces and nephews tear it up


Phil discusses the sold-out one man show on July 30 at the Hollywood Improv.


Plans for Margaret to sing some psychedelic song while wearing a see through "gossamer" dress with no underwear are shelved....


David G. Hall talks to Phil about a new sponsor, Toodle-oo, which is an app that lets people...other people...know where you are. Also the word 'gesticulate" is put into Margaret's filth file. David through it all is making oatmeal for about 15 nephews and nieces....


Ted Bell talks about a wine tasting event he's having at Ted's of Beverly Hills as Rudy Canosa helps out tending bar and giving the tongue-wag to women at the event....


A BSP insures laughs. Laughs extend life and health. You got something better, have at it. But until then, you need a BSP and you need it NOW!

Phil and the team are back talking about what a cesspoool Facebook is, yet again.

Bobbie Dooley and Margaret Grey choose each other off, agreeing to "throw down" at the next opportunity when Margaret offers the opinion that the only reason Dooley has her own podcast is because she gives it up. She mentions Dooley's series of encounters in the Koo-Ka-Roo parking lot a number of years ago.

Jay Santos talks to Phil about Citizens Auxiliary Police techniques in apprehending a suspect including one called the "down low" that involves faking the suspect out with punching the air and pretending to kick him in the balls....Phil talked about the unreliability of news reporting..

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