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The gang talked about Gamergate, something Phil maintained was driven by socially inept or unskilled people bordering on autistic. RC Collins joined the show in an ill-concieved attempt at gaining sympathy for his gaming habits, talking Commandant Weirman into pretending to be tased to show RC's "clout" if gamers aren't respected. Meanwhile Weirman went along in hopes he'd receive a sizable donatioon from RC's father for Bradley Military Academy

Don Berman came on to talk about Rush Limbaugh's statements regarding Ebola and whether or not Rush is losing his hearing again...this all while Don was ordering donuts for the newsroom staff, donuts he promptly ate....

Jeff Dowdder talked with the gang about different apps that have compromised the supposed security of Snapchat and how the same thing can happen to Skype's new video chat app Qik. 

Brad Rivkind was directing a "soct core shoot" while talking football with the gang and it didn't go well at all....

Oct 29 will be here soon...and you'll be standing there gripping it in the noon day sun unless you grab tickets for The World of Phil Hendrie at the Ontario Improv...

Ted Bell, owner of Ted's of Beverly Hills, wants an 18 month pass to drive drunk since pressures of running a successful business and paying enormous taxes are almost too much to bear. From October 2001.

Get ready world for The World of Phil Hendrie live and onstage...next stop, the Ontario Improv in Ontario, CA on Oct 29th....tickets on sale now!


Click here to listen now!

Dumb radio executives and others

.....the Classic Podcast rolls out two, three times a week with excerpts from a generation of Phil Hendrie Show that stood the talk radio format on its head

...a show they couldn't program, sell or affiliate...but a show loved by everyone that heard it...

a radio show hated by radio but loved by radio audiences...hear it again...through the Classic Podcast...BSP Only..

Up later today Episode 395...Ted Bell wants an 18 month license to drive drunk...

Los Angeles Buccaneers circa 1926

Discussed Columbus/Indigenous Peoples Day with Native American professor William Hudspeth and Bob Green, CEO of Frazier Foods, who wanted Native people sittting in front of his store to leave after they started doing "that hey-hey-ho-ho dancing." Hudspeth was adamant no Native people warred against each other or enslaved each other even though he admitted that they did nut that the "narrative of Native history" must be maintained."

Phil talked about the possibility of bringing the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to LA since there already has been an LA Buccaneers, an NFL team that called LA home in 1926.

Bobbie and Steve Doopley have opened up a sperm bank. And they are the final arbiters on who gets what...

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