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......but I got a pair to prove they don't have power over me"-Margaret Grey

Photo shows the path of Shirley Jones  950th home run for the Northwest Texas Wonderboys at Cavalcade  Park

Phil talked to Bob Captain, former major league plasy by play guy about Albert Pujols hitting his 500th home run. Captain recalled the story of Shirley Jones (not the actress) a big home run hitter in minor league baseball for the Northwest Texas Wonderboys who jacked his 950th (or something) one day. When the fan who got a hold of it refused to return it to the team other fans chased him down, nearly stripped him and almost beat him to death and got the ball back. The thing of it was no one to this day knows how many home runs Shirley Jones hit. Phil meanwhile sounded like a Bozo abroad not being able to pronounce "Pujols." 

Phil flipped out on the equipment....again....talking about how "all this" he thinks he is as an audio engineer....as his phone was ringing while his mike was open and he couldn't turn it off. Alright!

Margaret thrilled the assembled with her version of "Shot in the Dark." 

                     Thumbed his nose at Cornwallis...something like that

The crew interviewed a real moron, William Boone, who wrote a book without a title about something that supposedly happened during the Revolutionary War...the Continental troops thumbed their noses at Lord Cornwallis somewhere in North Carolina....Also Vernon Doziers theory on why a kid stowed away in the wheel well of a commercial jet going to Hawaii...something to do with the jet representing his dad...Congratulations are in order and therefore will be given to kingnut99...winner of todays All-Access BSP iPad...sign up for an All-Access BSP and call in tomorrow to have a shot at winning one....Weeee!

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