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                     Thumbed his nose at Cornwallis...something like that

The crew interviewed a real moron, William Boone, who wrote a book without a title about something that supposedly happened during the Revolutionary War...the Continental troops thumbed their noses at Lord Cornwallis somewhere in North Carolina....Also Vernon Doziers theory on why a kid stowed away in the wheel well of a commercial jet going to Hawaii...something to do with the jet representing his dad...Congratulations are in order and therefore will be given to kingnut99...winner of todays All-Access BSP iPad...sign up for an All-Access BSP and call in tomorrow to have a shot at winning one....Weeee!

                                               Pirates and Brewers brawl

Margaret claimed she didn't know much about "the minutiae of the show" which gave Bud the opportunity to claim she distances herself from the show when she's with "the ladies that she's with for lunch." Phil was stung to hear these ladies thought Phil was "off" and that it might not be the best thing for her to be on our show. Big discussion this morning also about some of the metal that Phil plays. Margaret claimed some kind of disembodied hand "probed her" and General Shaw said that his wife Patsy felt an invisible finger try and 'enter her rectum." The panel talked about a brawl that broke out in the Pittsburgh-Milwaukee game yesterday. Bud thinks it started when the pitcher told the hitter he "looked like he sucked weiner." Mumblix Grumph won our first iPad giveaway during the All Access BSP Pre Show...

We'll start giving away an iPad every morning this week on the PhilTV All Access BSP Pre-Show beginning at 8:30am PDT Monday!...... Get an All Access BSP if you don't already have one!

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