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It's the Saturday BSP-only show, featuring sex expert August Selsen, who relates a series of events from the past week that reveal all is sure not what he thought it was...

Don Berman has insulted and harassed a disabled woman so he needs a face and career-saving idea. The answer: hosting a beauty pageant for disabled women. From September 2003.


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Bill Nugan, Mavis' driver this morning, getting her breakfast

Kicking things off was talk of the Scottish independance vote and what it all meant which no one understood or cared about. Conversation was more about "What is large curd cottage cheese" and "Phil needs to pull one of Margaret's tampons out of the studio toilet..."

Mavis Leonard came on to comment on the NFL domestic abuse scandals as she was being driven to the funeral of her late pinochle partner Ella Saban. She also was bugging her driver to "pull it up" at a McDonalds so she could get a quarter pounder with cheese. Ted Bell also got in on the discussion. But the segment went all wrong when Margaret went through the phone on Ted and knocked his "buck tooth bridge" out of his mouth

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