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Sunday, 27 June 2010 18:43

Steve Bosell-Bio

Nothing says "frivolous, whining pussy" quite like Steve Bosell. Since moving to Corona, Califiornia with his wife April and two children, Steve Jr. and April Jr., Steve Bosell has garnered national, if not, international attention for the lawsuits he's filed. Using the offices of Delores Blasingame, an attorney in Riverside, California, Mr. Bosell has sued his wife, his children, a friends pet mynah bird, the friend, his church, his employees, presidents, kings..it doesn't much matter to Steve Bosell. He feels he has cause if anyone makes him "look like a fool." Quick to tears, sometimes to the point he has to leave the room, run into the master bedroom of his house and bury his face in a pillow, Mr. Bosell has a small pond on his property where he often is during interviews, listening to the frogs and crickets and "getting my head together." In fact, speaking of that, he sued the state of California after 911 saying that family law in the state didn't allow for him to leave the country, move to Norway and collect himself after being frightend almost to death by the attacks. He once sued his next door neighbor, Roy Hutchins, for growinjg a zucchini so large it was "this John Holmes-lookin' thing" that he then showed off to Steve's wife and daughter. And of course there was the famous lawsuit against the San Bernadino Parks and Recreation Department because a dive stick got wedged "in my crack" when Steve was doing cannoballs with his son at a public pool. Steve said he was subjected to ridcule and humiliation when he got out of the pool and the stick was "hanging out of my butt. All I could do was walk as calm as I could and just pretend like everything was cool. But I knew that it wouldn't be"

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