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Sunday, 28 March 2010 02:35

Jay Santos, Citizens Auxiliary Police

The Citizens Auxiliary Police was founded in 1996 by a Major Elvis Newton in Torrance, California. Newton, himself a shadowy figure with some past military association, is said to have handed down his idea for an aggressive civilian police auxiliary to Jay Santos, a neighbor, while sitting in a darkened living room, chain smoking Pall Malls. Organized loosely arouind the rank and leadership structure of The Federation of Planets, a ficticious entity from televisions 'Star Trek' series, the CAP says its mission is to "take a peek over the shoulder of the police." They view themselves as being "on the front lines of law enforcement" though they take they're only real authority from the legal concept of "citizens arrest." They're "official" uniform is a pith or safari helmet, a blue arm-band, bermuda shorts and wing-tips with knee socks. Among their various ranks are SubCommander, Brigadier Admiral (Jay's rank which seems to be second in command for the entire CAP) and the leaders rank of Major, held by Elvis Newton who hasn't been seen in public for many years. The CAP apparently has sister organizations throughout the United States. These include the Gator Brigade (Florida) The Beaver Battalion or Beave Battalion (Oregon) West Texas Range Riders (Texas)  and the New York State Simulated Police (New York) For a listener's idea of what Jay looks like, please see the caricature accompanying this article.

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