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A full slate of games for NFL afficianados today in the NFL and we had some upsets. The Indianapolis Giants defeated the New York Giants 38-0 or something, I know it was a blow-out, that much I do know. Also, the Arizona Carnival....when will they ever get a team that's good at football...were destroyed by the New England ball club 80-12 (again, it was something like that) The Washington Skin beat the Houston Oilers while the Dallas team was beaten by the New York Japs.

                   "I got this shit down"

On the west coast, the Atlanta Talcum played the New Orleans Jets and got beat almost. San Diego played Oakland I think and won, maybe. The San Francisco Skyliners versus the Chicago Bears was a great game with the 99ers (?) winning over the Chicago ballclub. The Green Bay ball club played the Minnesota ballclub and it was great. Finally, the Cincinnati Dangle won over the Buffaloes! And also, the Denver Honchos beated the Indianapolis Ravens. Also, and finally, the Baltimore Raven beat by a score of, oh let's say 14-10, the Tampa Bay ballclub. And then finally the Maimi Doll (?) debeated* the Jacksonville Jack-it (?) 10-21.

*No, I'm not a retro-tard. I made up a word.."de-beated" as in defeated and also beated real bad.

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