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Leave something in a place you are sure you will find it, a place that seems logical at that moment. And then watch it all turn mysterious as you spend thirty minutes searching for it till you want to cry. Good luck!

amanda green

Since we finished converting the 2004 archives into downloadable format last week, Alex moved onto 2003 this week. The Dec. 2003 archives have been converted, uploaded, and are now available for download! Cheers!Kanatha Grisvard

David G. Hall joins Phil for a discussion of 911 calls and who should be allowed to call for things such as cold McDonald's breakfasts or no running hot water. David proposes that he and other executives responsible for the jobs of thousands be able to gety a cop via 911 to McDonalds or Jack In The Box. "If my breakfast is ice cold and my blood sugar is rock bottom as a result, I fire people..hundreds of them." During the interview David was bathing. "I think it's reasonable to train firefighters not only for putting out fires but fixing water heaters and turning on water mains." Then Art Griego was on to comment on Chesley Sullenberger and the forthcoming movie about his remarkable water-landing in 2009 of a US Airways jet with 155 people on board. "It was very good and certainly makes for great reading in book-form. But now he gets a movie deal and talks to Harrison Ford. It's not that big of a deal." Why? "I could have done it. I've just avoided flying into flocks of geese jy whole career. Excuse me. Re-do. Let me fly into some birds so I can get a movie."

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