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Your Name: Courtney
Subject: Old Bit
Message: Hey Phil I don’t remember what year this was but it was early to middle years at KFI me and my mother listen to you do a bit about a black man who invented a machine to sound white so he can get reservations at fancy restaurants by squeezing his balls, I can’t remember but I think the machine was malfunction and hilarity ensued. I have been looking for it since I got my back stage pass a few years ago, but I can’t seem to find it. If you know the bit or the year and month played that would be great. Love you man keep up the good work.

"What do you need?"

Your Name: anthony
Subject: weakest link
Message: what was the name of the bit you did where you did all of your characters and they played the weakest link? I can't find it on the site.

i am member and "great show as always phil"

"Yes, what's your question?"

Please pardon the pathetic and repetive explanation of the show that we felt, back in 2003, was a really good idea since radio listeners then were as stupid as they are now. It didn't help.

Jul 4 2003
Our best 100 calls of the year...not really 100 calls, more like 10 or 15 but a full three hour show of Phil reviewing the best calls of the preceeding 12 months, July 2002 to July 2003..The Best of The Best.

February 18 2005
Phil's special guest is Don Parsley, an unemployed electrician, who claims he lost his son recently to an accidental shooting involving one of his son's friends and a gun owned by Don that the boys were playing with. Then he changes his story to his son dying in an automobile accident.etc, etc, etc.

Plus our very first Classic Phil podcast is reprised...Plane Go Boom!


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