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June 2004 has been converted/uploaded and is now available for immediate download! April 2002 DAT's should be finished by Thursday. Cheers

I don't care what people say necessarily but some people have decided to use the names of real people to express their whatever....opinions?..and that's no good.

Beside my own name there have been several other names used by individuals who don't own them but other people do.  I've asked our tech guys to look into the problem. The solution I favor is for comments to be posted using the subscribers user name. Some people use their real names here. In any event, we would have information on that individual in case they violated someone's privacy or libeled them or we decide we don't want them hanging around us any longer.

Secondly, for the record, I take off days that are owed me, that might be sick days or that might be summer vacation days. Neil Rogers in Miami, one of the greatest radio personalities to have ever lived, took 3 months a year just so he could get away from it. Thats 12 weeks. Cancel your subscription if you don't like it.

Our show plays great as a "Best Of". In fact it's a first for radio to have a modern show play so well episodically so we use the show that way when need be.

We work very hard, we have great customer service, we have the greatest radio website on the web. And the greatest radio show in the world. And most people know it.

...with Brad Rivkind on a campaign to make "Snow Peak Spring Water" number 1. Unfortunately he involves the terminally ill (and dehydrated) Terry Schiavo and what emerges is an ad line he probably wants to forget....December, 2005

In fact, it is better than the pre-June 2006 show.......far better. The humor is more spot on, the characters more defined and the open hours with Robert and Bud are hysterical. Some of my older fans come off as embittered, like an abandoned spouse. But they're suggestible people caught up in the usual, tired psychology of different or new or change equals all bad. But I am more and more pleased with our new radio show and if that means I lose people then there's nothing I can do about it. But it also means we have new fans and that is a good thing.  I have always gone my own way based on what I felt was the most fun. The crew I have is outstanding and Dan Northcraft, for all my in-show nervousness, is the best screener I've ever had..

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